• Workamp Topic: Community and Marathon in Hong Kong (VTWC23-02)
  • Date: 13 Dec 2023 (Wed) – 18 Dec 2023 (Mon)

Imagine the feel and unique experience of “Olympic volunteers,” this bootcamp will provide you with an opportunity to support the “RunOurCity” STREETATHON campaign in Hong Kong as a cheering team. This campaign is organized by a local non-profit charitable organization with the mission of promoting running activities to assist underprivileged communities and to foster a harmonious and inclusive society!

In this camp, you can also organize a Christmas Party for local primary students, host a “cultural booth” in the creative market, and visit the local farmers and local community in Hong Kong. Let’s join us to feel the heartbeat and response to the community needs of Hong Kong!


Highlighted Activities:  

  • Support the Streetathon event: Play a supporting role and cheering team in Hong Kong’s bustling “RunOurCity” Streetathon events.  
  • Christmas Party for Primary students Bring festive joy to students by leading a cherished game/ cultural sharing from your home country 
  • Showcase of the Culture: Host an unique “Cultural Booth” in a creative market, and share with the public in Hong Kong with stories and culture from your city. 
  • Community Needs of Hong Kong: Connect with local farmers and visit to the underprivilege community of Hong Kong to truly understand their needs and stories. 



  • Aged above 18
  • Be curious about different cultures and communities
  • Eager to share your culture in public event (like Cultural Booth & Christmas Party with children)


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