END: JULY 2025



We inform you that we are looking for 2 motivated ESC volunteers for the FUNDACIÓN ALONSO QUIJANO.


Information about the organisation

The foundation Alonso Quijano is a non-profit private and independent institution, the aim of which is to contribute with the integral development of the human being through the promotion of the cultural and educational initiatives, especially the ones which are orientated to the promotion of reading.



  • Promotion of the individual and social habits of reading, as well as the stimulation of the literary creation both in Spain and in the rest of Spanish-speaking countries or with the Spanish-speaking communities.
  • Contribution to the best awareness and the oral and written usage of the Spanish language and to the disclosure of the literary heritage of the Spanish language.
  • Promotion of the cultural, educative, and artistic relations of Spain with other nationalities, with special attention to the European countries and the Iberoamerican countries for the reasons of the tongue, history, and culture.
  • Promotion and development of all kinds of cultural and educative initiatives, as well as of the investigation and study in such kind of fields.
  • Realization of the activities of the formation of the professorship, educators, and cultural promoters.
  • Promotion of solidarity between the citizens to improve their living conditions.
  • International cooperation to development.


Our main projects and activities

  • Permanent campaign for the promotion of Reading with hospitalized children in the Mother and Child Hospital of Malaga. The project consists of loan books to hospitalized children.
  • Spanish for immigrants. Personalized teaching of Spanish for adult immigrant residents in Malaga. Free particular classes are given by Spanish volunteers of our Foundation.
  • Mini libraries Alonso Quijano. Installation of small libraries in centers or public places where people can read, take, or exchange books freely.
  • International Cooperation “Books for the World”. Sending books to the various countries of Iberoamerica
  • Journal Mi Biblioteca. Quarterly publication in paper form with a national and international scope that proposes an informative and rigorous approach to the multiple slopes of the library sector.
  • Photo contest “Reading times”. The objective is the promotion of plastic and artistic creativity in the scope of reading
  • VG editions. Editorial stamp with the catalog of the university textbooks, books about reading, Spanish for foreigners, and infantile literature.


Our motivation and volunteering experience

Our principal motivation is enrichment, that a foreign volunteer could contribute with its cultural and volunteer experiences exchange both in personal scope as in labor scope. We think that a volunteer also can enrich in its large experience of collaboration with our entity.

Everything in this cultural exchange will be both for volunteer and association members as the volunteer will do the same functions as other persons: classification and organization of the books, participation in the activities of our volunteers, organization of the materials and documentation. On the other hand, we want to give an opportunity to the European volunteer to become acquainted with our social and cultural environment.

Another important reasons are a support and help that lntercambia Youth organization offers in the process of the exchange of the volunteer.


What we offer to our volunteers

  • Free Spanish language classes (Language and Culture), 1 ½ hour once or twice a week, given by a qualified volunteer, at an agreed time.
  • Gain experience in useful skills for their professional future. The EVS provides skills and experiences, increases job possibilities and gives the chance of doing different works, so a choice is possible.
  • Learn new skills. The EVS enables new challenges, know new people, new perspectives and ways of living which may encourage volunteers to reconsider their world perspectives.
  • Secure and comfortable working environment, both in the hospital as in the Foundation; they both have all needed resources and both are secure.


We expect volunteers to participate in

  • Volunteering in the Mother and Child Hospital of Malaga, in the project «Get better with books», Mondays and Thursdays, from 16:15 to 18:00. It consists of going to the rooms of the children and lend them books. Volunteers will be accompanied and guided by the responsible for volunteering.
  • Support and collaboration in the Program «Spanish for immigrants». This takes place throughout the week. The volunteer will inform the students of the program, organize the material, and plan the class planning putting in relation students and teachers.
  • Organization of digital and printed material (books, magazines, encyclopedias and varied documents that need classification.
  • In the project «Books for the World», the Foundation receives constantly donations of books. The volunteer will select according to their usage, organize and classify them, as well as help with the packing and transport.
  • Support with the regular update of the Foundation’s web site: management of e-mail, revision of texts and images of the website, the introduction of new contents and update of details.
  • Collaboration with the project «Mini libraries Alonso Quijano»: selection and classification of donated books; elaboration of packs for the different libraries; setting up of mini-libraries; coordination, with the responsible people from the organization, to carry out monitoring of the use of the different mini-libraries.
  • The volunteer will help with the everyday paperwork tasks in the Foundation, such as answering the phone, informing members and subscribers and helping with the billing system, sending the mail…

Volunteers will constantly be accompanied by some staff members and receive guidance and support for the activities carried out.

There are 3 people in charge of supervising different ESC activities.


Further information about the volunteer’s life HERE