Basic conditions:

  • Volunteers must be between 18 and 30 years old.
  • Volunteers have to be residents in one of the eligible countries as stated in the program guide.
  • Volunteers who have done ESC Volunteering Teams projects before are eligible for this program.


Financial Conditions:

  • Food, accommodation, equipment, and local transportation – are covered by the host organization.
  • Pocket money of 6 € / day Will be given by the host organization upon arrival in cash.


Travel reimbursement:

  • Based on the distance band calculator connected to the volunteer’s travel: between the volunteer home address and the location of the venue.
  • In case volunteers use ecological means of transportation and the lump sum is not enough to cover the travel expenses, we will use the green travel lump sum.


Some of the projects: 

  • MDB SJ05 Free Music Festival 07/06 – 26/06 FEST/CULT – Join the adventure of the International Workcamp at the 24th Free Music Festival in Montendre! Immerse yourself in a unique experience combining music, creativity, and intercultural exchanges. Contribute to the magic of the festival, broaden your artistic horizons, and create unforgettable memories. Together, let’s build a living picture of friendship, sharing, and discovery. Join us for an enriching and festive experience in the heart of southwest France!
  • V’V SJ15 Organising an ecological festival 29/06 – 13/07 CONS/ENVI/FEST – Vir’Volt stands for InteRnational VolunTeer Village (in French). For 3 years, the organization has been based in the heart of nature, in the middle of a regional park. By welcoming young people from all over the world each year, the future village is being built around several different objectives: getting to know each other and learning from our differences, reflecting and acting together to protect the environment, but also having a positive impact on the surrounding area and people by putting solidarity at the heart of each of our actions.
  • MDB SJ17 International Journalism Festival 2024 05/07 – 16/07 FEST/CONS – Couthures-sur-Garonne is a charming, peaceful village in southwest France, nestling between the meandering Garonne river. Throughout a weekend, the festival takes over the village and its inhabitants. Meetings, workshops, live performances, and screenings will take place all over the village, focusing on “news and journalism”. The international work camp at the heart of the festival provides an intercultural dimension, rich in artistic and intergenerational exchanges.
  • MDB SJ63 Vauban’s fortress 04/09- 25/09 RENO – Located on the estuary of the Charente, the Fouras peninsula is home to 3 harbors and 5 beaches on the Atlantic coast. In an idyllic setting overlooking Fort Boyard, the project will involve renovating Fort Vauban, also known as Fort Sémaphore, which is the medieval fortified castle of Fouras. It protected the town from invasion by an enemy landing from the ocean. It is surrounded by 17th-century fortifications: platforms, curtain walls, and a massive tower.
  • REV SJ69 Witches’ claws 25/09 – 11/10 ENVI – This international workcamp is organized in partnership with the Syndicat mixte Rivage and the commune of Le Barcarès, on the banks of the Etang de Salses Leucate, a protected wetland renowned for its varied biodiversity. The partnership between the Rivage syndicat mixte and the REV has existed for several years. The syndicate regularly collaborates with REV on the organization of international work camps and other one-off events. The two organizations are used to working together and share the same values and ambitions. In addition to removing invasive species (witch’s claw, yucca, prickly pear, agave, etc.), this year’s work camp will aim to help set up measures to protect and enhance the site’s existing biodiversity (e.g. trail development). As the work is weather-related, tasks are generally defined at the start of the project.


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