We are looking for volunteers to participate in 2 weeks of exchange and concrete actions around the topic of “How do we share our stories”

They will have the opportunity to explore different writing techniques and exchange their experiences with others, talking together and connecting over different ideas.

This could be an opportunity to share thoughts and emotions and explore them thanks to the magic of creativity, writing and local initiatives.

During there two weeks, we will:

  • understand each other’s realities;
  • express ourselves through individual and collective writing;
  • discover local initiatives.


Dates: 9th – 23rd of July (incl. travel days)

Participants: youngsters from 18 to 30 years old

Location: Laguepie (82250) France

Financial conditions:  travel costs will be covered according to the E+ distance calculator; Food and accommodation fully covered

Citrus: Citrus is part of the national organization Solidarites Jeunesses. Since 2002 volunteers from all around the world come together here to share an intercultural experience, to work and live together and take part of build peace foundation for the future.