This summer in Le Créneau, participants will have the opportunity to take an immersive journey in the topic of migration. For 2 weeks, experienced facilitators will take them on a tour to get a better understanding of refugees and migration context, struggles and outcomes. Participants will take part in participative workshops and will have the opportunity to contribute actively to the project by building their own immersive activity.


Session 1 / Defining
Non formal workshops and activities will support
the participants with getting to know each other, defining the subject and experimenting interviews inside the group.

Session 2 / Discovering
Group workshps will help prepare the meeting
with migrants and will lead to interviews with them. There will also be time for research and experimentation on Escape Games.

Session 3 / Creating
Inspired by the previous meetings, an escape
game will be led and animated to open the minds on migrants issues.


Le Créneau – Solidarités Jeunesses
Le Créneau is one of the regional delegations of
Solidarités Jeunesses. It is located in Montcombroux- les-Mines, in a rural area; and it has been acting for 25 years for social, educative and cultural local development.
The goal of our association is to put together people
from different social and cultural backgrounds to create diversity in order to learn to live together, to get to know each other, and to exchange about our own experiences with respect and tolerance. Hosting conditions will be basic, as participants will stay on our ecological camping site. It is equipped with sustainable facilities, such as solar showers and dry toilets. Participants will sleep in a yurt, a tipi, a wooden dome and 2 barnum tents, all equiped with beds and wooden floor.


24 participants from 5
different countries in Europe, 15 – 17 years old



Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organization. Travel costs will be partially covered according to the Erasmus+ calculator.