About the project

#Changing the narratives is a youth exchange organized by Primi Piani ODV that aims to explore the complex topic of youth mental health and deepen the reflection on the concept of mental and physical well-being among young people in today’s post-pandemic society, through the language of graphic novels, storytelling, and nonformal education. In particular graphic novels and comics use a language that is perfect to tackle the topic in a creative way. Mental health is increasingly at the center of public debate in different spheres of our societies however various phenomena related to mental illness and psychological distress are unfortunately raising in young people. Art, in all its forms, has been proven to be extremely effective to combat the stigma and create awareness on this topic helping young people to express themselves and communicate their ideas and thoughts.



  • To discover and use the graphic novels’ potential as an artistic medium and show how it can be used to talk and share information about mental health.
  • To improve participants’ artistic, storytelling, expressive and creative skills.
  • To understand the potential that social media has for spreading positive messages and to learn how to use it in a constructive way.
  • To deconstruct the assimilated stereotypes and stigma that people with mental health diseases face daily.
  • To provide participants with tools to recognize and manage their emotions and present a new narrative where they will be understood and not excluded.



Youngsters (18-30 years old) that…

  • Have experienced mental health issues or are interested in learning more about them.
  • Are interested in Art, Graphic design, drawing, writing, and being creative.
  • Speak some basic English. It will help you to follow the program. If needed you can be supported by another participant on your national team.
  • Are residing in one of the partner countries:Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, or Estonia. Each national team Has a group leader, who supports the others!



To reach Galbiate, the best option is to fly to Milan or Bergamo. Please, for the ARRIVAL search for flights landing by 4 PM, and for the RETURN search for flights leaving from 2 PM

FROM BERGAMO ORIO AL SERIO AIRPORT: At the airport, take the bus “line 1” to the CENTRE OF BERGAMO and stop at the Railway station (1 stop). take the train to LECCO (there is a train each hour at:08. The trip lasts 40 minutes and costs 3,70€). Once in LECCO, take the train to SALA AL BARRO – GALBIATE (the direction of the train is Milano Porta Garibaldi). There is a train each hour at:07. The trip lasts 10 minutes and costs 1,80€. A car or a mini-bus will pick you up at the railway station. For more information, check the schedule and buy the tickets, you can use this website: https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html

FROM MILANO MALPENSA AIRPORT: At the airport of MALPENSA, take the train to MILANO PORTA GARIBALDI. There is a train for about 30 minutes. The trip lasts 50 minutes and cost 13,00€. In Milano Porta Garibaldi, take the train directed to Lecco. This train will stop also in SALA AL BARRO – GALBIATE. This is where you will need to get off the train. There is a train every hour at :17. The trip lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes and costs 4,80€. A car or a mini-bus will pick you up at the railway station. For more information, check the schedule and buy the tickets, you can use this website: https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html .You can travel up to 2 days before and 2 days after the project. You can find many economic flights both to Bergamo Orio Al Serio and Milano Malpensa.


Travel reimbursement:

IMPORTANT: Check with the respective sending partner the days scheduled for the trip:

• Standard Travel (from Spain and Estonia): up to 2 days prior arrival day, and up to 2 days after departure day;
• Green Travel (Germany, Italy, Latvia, Sweden): up to 3
days prior arrival day, and up to 3 days after departure day. The project will cover 100% of travel costs up to:

  • Spain = 275€
  • Estonia = 275€
  • Germany = 320€ (green travel, no flights)
  • Sweden = 320€ (green travel, no flights)
  • Latvia = 320€ (green travel, no flights)
  • Italy = 210€ (green travel)



#Changing The Narratives will take place in the
beautiful location of “Ostello Parco Monte Barro” in Galbiate, north Italy. It is an eco-hostel perfectly organized to host a big group of people, with all the features needed to make activities. It is also surrounded by mountains and it is possible to make different hikes and walks. It is the perfect place to enjoy nature while learning, working on different activities, and spending quality free time.



The final event of #Changing The Narratives will be organized in the city of San Donato Milanese, very close to Milano. In the city, a recently requalified building called Cascina Roma offers the perfect location for the conclusion of the project. The place is now an art gallery, co-working space, and library, and hosts a number of social and cultural events, theater plays, concerts, and workshops.


What to bring:

Your ID, Travel documents. Towels and Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.). Comfortable shoes and clothes. Hiking shoes if you have them! Warm clothes for chilly nights. If you have it bring your computer and a graphic tablet or drawing pad. An adapter for the plugs, L type. Slippers (or indoor shoes). Personal drinking bottle (less plastic, more fun!). Whatever you feel you would need for any time spent away from home. Good vibes!


Intercultural night

Each National Team will have the chance to organize an Intercultural Night to present their country to the others. For this you will have to:

  • Bring traditional food from your country to share with the whole group.
  • Prepare activities/games/ performances to show your culture. They can be connected with the use of art, design, and graphic novel!


What to prepare:

Every National Team will have to organize some small energizers activities during one day of the project; the group leaders will help the teams with this task.



During the project all the food that will be served is vegetarian. We decided to opt for it because of environmental reasons and the health and protection of animals.


Küsimuste korral estyes@estyes.ee