Host of the activity: Concordia is a French national non-governmental and non-profit making organisation, founded in 1950. Website


Overview of all camps is available HERE.


Main objectives:

  • Education i.e. helping young people to grow up by acquisition of collective life.
  • Culture i.e. favouring the youth exchanges on an international level, always emphasizing the values of peace, friendship and mutual respect.
  • Social i.e. taking part in concrete actions of solidarity, as well as supporting a civic attitude
  • Social economy i.e. contributing to realisation of local development, in favour of the
    environment, patrimony, tourism and socio-educational animation.


Varies by project, different places all over the France.


About the camp:

Participating in a workcamp means working voluntarily during 2 or 3 weeks at a project of a common utility, such as environment, archaeology, culture, patrimony.

It is a form of informal education, but also an opportunity to discover a new region and its inhabitants. The participants get to know the real life of a small community, as well as the culture and customs of other volunteers, who come from all around the world.

Groups have usually between 10 and 15 participants.

The camp language is mainly English with some French. The volunteers work on a concrete project, doing about 25/30 hours per week.


Workcamps list and dates:

  • Big wooden games – urban place, giant wooden game + clay oven; 30.06-15.07.2023
  • Vineyards of bordeaux – agricultural land becomes green space; 07.07-21.07.2023
  • A path by the vineyard – pedestrian way in organic vineyard; 07.07-21.07.2023
  • Act local to preserve environment in savoy (alpes) – outdoor facilities development (hiking boots required); 07.07-21.07.2023
  • New look for the church – isolated place, church renovation; 07.07-28.07.2023
  • Mosaic style – swimming, mosaic top; 12.07-26.07.2023
  • Protecting heritage – France, Germany, Spain Hiking trails maintenance; 12.07-26.07.2023
  • Painting in the old town – painting on street furniture, festivals 60´s; 12.07-26.07.2023
  • A wooden house for us all – renovation of wooden house, painting and parquet; 12.07-26.07.2023
  • Bright up the school – school painting; 12.07-28.07.2023
  • A path through nature – PRM access in the living area and small motor disability workcamp, shared educational garden; 12.07-02.08.2023
  • Along the river – riverbank and forestry works; 12.07-02.08.2023
  • Design furnitures for community center –  urban place, greening of the social centre; 15.07-29.07
  • Renovation in provence – dry stone; 17.07-31.07
  • Highlight water – trilateral, france-germany-italy, permanent accomodation (hiking boots required); 02.08-16.08.2023

.. plus many more (see the project map HERE)



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