Host of the activity: De Amicitia is a Spanish NOG (Non-Governmental Association) registered since 1998;

Topics: Objective is to protect the environment and promote sustainable development through volunteening work.

Place: Gargantilla del Lozoya in Sierra Norte near Madrid, Granada, Sanet  y Negrals between Valencia and Alicante.


About the project:

De Amicitia’s goal is to enforce non-formal education, support people with fewer opportunities, and help to preserve, protect, and support nature and rural communities.

They organize about 40 workcamps every year, of which the majority are workcamps for teenagers 14-17 y.o.

The workcamps take place in small, rural communities with groups of 7 -15 volunteers and 1 – 2 camp leaders.

It is expected the volunteers to be self-sufficient during the camps, meaning they will cook their own food, share a living space with other volunteers.


Teenage workcamps 2023 activity list includes camps such as:

  • Urbact – Main goal is to preserve the natural reserve area surrounding called “Fonts del rio Algar”.
  • Casa Jazmin – Main goal is to help renovate a house that is serving as a volunteering center.
  • Youth of Biar – Main goal is to provide an intensive experience of enjoying the free time and English experience language


Camp dates:


28-06-2023 → 08-07-2023;

09-07-2023 → 19-07-2023;

20-07-2023 → 30-07-2023;

31-07-2023 → 10-08-2023;

11-08-2023 → 21-08-2023;

22-08-2023 → 01-09-2023

Casa Jazmin

30-06-2023 → 10-07-2023;

11-07-2023 → 21-07-2023;

22-07-2023 → 01-08-2023;

02-08-2023 → 12-08-2023;

13-08-2023 → 23-08-2023

Youth of Biar

30-07-2023 → 08-08-2023


Good to know:

The working schedule is laid out for 4-6 hours per day for 5 days a week. Usually, the two free days are Saturday and Sunday — but this can vary. The camp languages are English and Spanish for all camps. Spanish knowledge is not required but can be useful.



More information in the info package.