MasterPEACE – Training of Youth Multipliers on Peace and Human Rights Education” will be implemented in 2023 with the involvement of more than 25 youth workers who will develop their competences as youth multipliers in peace and human rights education. The training course is conceived to boost the participants’ capacities, to share, experiment methodologies and approaches, within non-formal education.



  • To make participants familiar with the concept and the principles of peace and human rights education;
  • To bring the participants to an active reflection on the topic through human rights and the consequences of the COVID19 to those;
  • To put the participants in contact with actors who are working with refugees and migrants;
  • To share and exchange common tools, practices and campaigns for advocacy towards the promotion of human rights;
  • To discover possibilities of future involvement and to develop joint actions for the future exploitation of the results of the Training course;
  • To reflect and to expand participants’ knowledge on the concept of Human rights;
  • To get familiar with concrete tools for HRE that can be applicable for their future activities.



Board, lodging, visa costs, local transports, all materials and the content of the activities are fully covered. Travel costs to and from the venue are covered according to the Erasmus+ real costs, based on the travel distance per participant. Travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator Participants will be refunded after the end of the mobility upon the presentation of their travel documents, in between 1 or 2 months. supported by the European Commission ( plus/tools/distance_en.htm)



For travel distances between:

  • 100 – 499km: 180 EUR per participant
  • 500 – 1999km: 275 EUR per participant
  • 2000 – 2999km: 360 EUR per participant

Nearest Airport: Athens



Oasis Hotel Apartments.
During the Training Course the food will covered by the coordinating organization at 100%.


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