Host of the activity: Concordia is a French national non-governmental and non-profit making organisation, founded in 1950. Website


The main objectives of Concordia:

Education i.e. helping young people to grow up by acquisition of collective life.
Culture i.e. favouring the youth exchanges on an international level, always emphasizing the values of peace, friendship and mutual respect.
Social i.e. taking part in concrete actions of solidarity, as well as supporting a civic attitude
Social economy i.e. contributing to realisation of local development, in favour of the
environment, patrimony, tourism and socio-educational animation.


About the camp:

Participating in a workcamp means working voluntarily during 2 or 3 weeks at a project of a common utility, such as environment, archaeology, culture, patrimony.

It is a form of informal education, but also an opportunity to discover a new region and its inhabitants.

The participants get to know the real life of a small community, as well as the culture and customs of other volunteers, who come from all around the world.

Groups have usually between 10 and 15 participants.

General accommodation is basic: a common room for sleeping and eating. Volunteers cook for themselves; sometimes they are sleeping on the floor and sometimes in tents.

Volunteers should bring a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, work clothes, warm clothes, sport
shoes, gloves. Please notice that it’s easier to have a backpack, especially in the mountains!


Workcamps list and dates:

  • Art and sculptures in provence – outdoor sculpture renovation; 15.04-29.04.2023
  • By the lake in provence – dry stone; 16.04-30.04.2023
  • Adventure playground – cycling, kids playground construction; 21.06-05.07.2023
  • Help the turtles – cycling, permanent accommodation, turtle protection;  21.06-05.07.2023
  • Children like no other – permanent accommodation, kids with mental deficiency; 23.06-07.07.2023
  • Da Vinci in Brittany – landscaping and revegetation; 05.07-26.07.2023
  • A chapel in provence – chapel renovation; 06.07-27.07.2023
  • Dry stone in provence 1 – dry stone, outside shower; 07.07-21.07.2023
  • Protect biodeversity in the Loire valley – habitat construction for local wildlife; 07.07-21.07.2023
  • Lake, mountains  and savoy – cycling, outdoor design; 07.07-21.07.2023
  • Adventure playground the return – cycling, construction of a children´s playground; 07.07-21.07.2023
  • Festival Frayse´toch – animation, installation, communication; 10.07-28.07.2023
  • A united summer – cycling, permanent accommodation, urban place, neighbourhood improvment; 10.07-24.07.2023
  • Boost community spirit in Longueville – isolated place; 10.07-23.07.2023
  • In the heart of nature – ecological waterpark, construction lime kiln in hanging garden; 12.07-28.07.2023
  • Free zone for circular economy – permanent accommodation; 12.07-28.07.2023
  • Cobbled way in provence – isolated place, physical work; 16.07-31.07.2023
  • A makeover  for the social centre – urban place; 24.07-06.08.2023
  • Protecting heritage 2 – hiking trails maintenance; 02.08-16.08.2023
  • Let´s color the world! – permanent accommodation, wall fresco, animation in popular neighbourhood; 04.08-25.08.2023
  • Protecting heritage 3 – hiking trails maintenance; 16.08.-30.08.2023
  • Silhouette cinema eco-festival – permanent accommodation; 21.08-03.09.2023
  • Let´s protect natural areas 1 – isolated place, sensitive natural area, hiking trail, construction+wood renovation; 04.08-18.09.2023
  • Scavenger hunt in historical Paris – permanent accommodation; 31.07-13.08.2023



More information in the info package.