About COCAT:

COCAT is a Catalan non-governmental organization and non-profit coordinating platform created to represent Catalonia’s international organizations.

COCAT is a link between the international and the national (local) levels of voluntary movement. Their work camps are simulations of real-world volunteering experiences at the local and global levels.


COCAT goals and values:

They are aimed to develop work camps and voluntary service as a tool for personal, collective and
community development, with the central values of interculturality, the culture of peace, social justice and equality.

values –

  • inclusion
  • sustainability
  • social participation
  • equality
  • international solidarity


“Beyond Borders” – For people with fewer opportunities

They offer to take part in one of our short term work camps projects in Catalonia, which can be a perfect chance to meet new friends and experience new adventures! For these participants from the side of COCAT we propose:

  • Fully covered travel expences
  • Pocket money – 5 euros/day


Location of all the workcamps:

All  workcamps will be implemented in small towns and villages of Catalonia. Catalonia is situated in the North East of the Iberian Peninsula.


The language of the country is Catalan, but they also speak English.


ESC projects:


  • Date 17.08.2023 to 31.08.2023
  • The purpose of this work camp is to recover old paths and the history of the Pyrenees, learn about culture and nature.
  • The technical work of the project is the conservation of old paths in “Vall de Siarb” and involves physical work: clearing paths, putting stones aside the way, rebuilding dry stone walls, improving the signals with paint and improving paths of the paved section.
  • Location: Soriguera, Pallars Sobirà.
  • No extra fee



  • Date 10.07.2023 to 24.07.2023
  • The purpose of this camp is to help repair The Sant Antoni Tower.
  • It is a 4-hectare farm, with a 19th century house, this farm consists of several interconnected spaces, due to the
    different habitats and ecosystems, it has been designed with permacultural criteria and is cultivated with ecological
    and sustainable methods.
  • Location Jesús, Tortosa (Tarragona Province
  • No extra fee


More information in the info package!

Take a look of the COCAT workcamps in the video below!