About WCIA
We are the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA). We inspire people to learn and act on global issues so everyone in Wales can contribute to creating a fairer and more peaceful world. WCIA is a not for profit organisation based in Wales, working to promote international understanding since 1973. The organisation supports community development through volunteering and cultural exchange, working with partners worldwide through membership of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and the UNESCOaffiliated Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service. Managing a range of programmes which support international volunteering in Wales and abroad from two weeks to 12 months, our activities bring together young people from different countries to volunteer their time and energies in a unique way, bringing benefits to individuals and communities alike. WCIA has been working on the ESC and EVS programme for over 15 years: we’ve been a sending organisation and a coordinating organisation.

Community Context
The placement will be held in Wales Wales is renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cultural traditions. This placement offers the opportunity to engage with Welsh young people to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s cultural heritage. WCIA is passionate about preserving and promoting Welsh heritage, in particular Wales’ rich peace heritage the volunteer will be able to work closely with the Heritage and Peace teams within WCIA to gain a unique and personal understanding of the country’s heritage.

Project outline
The volunteer will be based in our offices in Cardiff together with staff members, local and international volunteers. The volunteer will work very closely together with other team members but also independent on this placement and tasks will be allocated according to their interest and motivation.

Main tasks
Assisting with the planning and organisation of WCIA’s local international exchange project (workcamp). The volunteer will work closely with the WCIA team to plan a local project, which involves bringing together 8 local and 10 international participants to work on various topics including Peace, Future Thinking and Heritage.

Supporting the communication and marketing efforts of WCIA. The volunteer will help develop promotional materials and manage the organization’s social media accounts to increase awareness of WCIA’s mission and projects.
Collaborating with team members to develop new ideas and strategies. The volunteer will work closely with the WCIA team to brainstorm and develop new ideas and strategies to further the organization’s objectives.

Volunteer profile
Aged between 1825.
Passionate about global citizenship and international volunteering.
Strong written and verbal communication skills in English.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office and familiar with social media platforms.
Excellent organisational and time management skills.

Practical conditions
The volunteers will live in Penarth (close to Cardiff) in a shared house with other volunteers. The successful applicant will receive the following financial support from WCIA:
Accommodation in a shared house for the duration of their placement.
Food allowance and pocket money of £300 in total
Travel allowance up to £230 from Estonia and £1200 from Mexico. Further provisions may be provided if the volunteer has additional support needs.

Application Process
Please read carefully through the description, consider to go online as well to find more information about WCIA (https://www.wcia.org.uk/). The project will run from 1st July to 31st July 2023. Please make sure you are available to dedicate this time period to volunteering in Wales.

To apply for this project please send your CV and motivation letter to danielmapatac@wcia.org.uk Application deadline: 30th May 2023.

Volunteers from the following country can apply: Estonia and Mexico