You are…

  • between 18 and 30 years old
  • living in the EU or one of the ESC partner countries
  • having 12 months time from the beginning of September
  • excited to get fully engaged in a social project
  • feeling ready for a big city like Berlin?

ijgd and the ESC offers…

  • support during your stay in Berlin
  • pocket money + food allowance up to 520,- € a month + insurance
  • a private room in a shared flat with other volunteers in Berlin
  • public transportation card for Berlin
  • a language class: German/ German Sign Language
  • seminar days in Berlin and Germany

Get ready for…

  • an intensive preparation before departure
  • green traveling to Berlin by bus and train
  • sharing accommodation in one of 4 ijgd simple flats
  • jump out of your comfort zone
  • big city life and cold and grey winters in Berlin
  • probably one of the greatest experiences 


ESC projects:

  • E10058052 (1) Kinderladen Hollerbusch – Parent’s initiated Waldorf Kindergarten (1,5 -3 years)
  • E10057232 (2) Kinderladen Kulturschlüssel – Parent’s initiated Kindergarten (2-6 years)
  • E10176436 (3) Lebenshilfe Berlin e.V – Work with adults with disabilities in a flatshare project
  • E10034904 (4a) Ganztagsbetreuung an der Fläming Grundschule – Daycare, education, Kids age 6 – 12 years, focus on inclusion
  • E10034904 (4b) Ganztagsbetreuung an der Rothenburg-Grundschule – Daycare, education, Kids age 6-12 years, Montessori approach/inclusion
  • E10034904 (4c) Ganztagsbetreuung der Sachsenwald Grundschule – Daycare, education, Kids age 6-12 years, focus on sports
  • E10034904 (4d) Ganztagsbetreuung der Carl-Orff Grundschule – NEW project- Description to come
  • E10034904 (4e) Ganztagsbetreuung der Scharmützelsee Grundschule – NEW project- Description to come 
  • E10043848 (5) Ganztagsbetreuung der WIR-Grundschule – Daycare, education, Kids age 6-12 years, Montessori concept
  • E10265787 (6a) Sinneswandel Day Care at Eschke School – School with Deaf pupils (project for Deaf volunteer only)
  • E10265787 (6b) Sinneswandel in a Flat Share Project – Flat share project with Deaf residents (project for Deaf volunteers only)
  • E10113981 (7a) SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. Kindertagesstätte – Kindergarten (3-6 years)
  • E10113981 (7b) SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. Hort – Daycare, education, Kids age 6-12 years
  • E10281636 (8a) Nestwärme Kita Wrangelstraße – Kindergarten (3 mixed groups, 1-6 years)
  • E10281636 (8b) Nestwärme Kita Ritterburg – Kindergarten (1-3 years) or Kindergarten (3-6 years)
  • E10044435 9 Circus Schatzinsel – Circus for Children and young people from 6 years to 26 years old


WHAT’S NEXT: Preparation

If an ESC in Berlin starting in September, sounds, then your next steps will be:

  • 1. Find a suitable volunteering project for you
  • 2. Fill out the ijgd application form,
  • 3. Attach a CV in German or English. If you like, you can add a photo
  • 4. Send everything by Mail to:
  • 5. In case of available projects: ijgd invites you to an online Info meeting and
    interview. Save the date for the Info meeting: 10.04 from 10:00 to 12:00!
  • 6. After the meeting with us, address a short motivation letter to the project, to present yourself
  • 7. Your project might wish for an online meeting as well
  • 8. Your ESC starts with the final approval by the project