Do you want to put some creativity into your life? To share your artistic knowledge with others and offer workshops to the group?

This youth exchange uses creation as a means of intercultural meeting and sharing, allowing everyone to develop wellness practices that will help to have self-reflection.

You will also have the opportunity to get to know other people, to cooperate as a group in a culturally mixed context.

During 3 weeks you will have the opportunity to create workshops that will be offered to the rest of the group and/or the local population.


What you will do?

You will work on creative and expressive workshops.

You will be invited to share your skills and knowledge and propose workshops and experimentation of practices within the group of participants and also with the local population.

You can use all artistic and creative means: dance, theatre, yoga, drawing, painting, clay, etc…

There is no need for specific skills, but your wish to share and experience your passions


What you will learn?

Autonomy, teamwork, respecting and listening to others, developing a sense of community

Self-confidence(expression, involvement,mindfulness practice)

Directing, managing and organizing a workshop in an intercultural context

Critical thinking, analytical skills


Video from 2023 project HERE


Travel costs covered according by E+ distance calculator reimbursed after the mobility 100% hosting and food covered by E+ grant

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*EstYESi ühekordne liikmemaks 30€ – kui osaled meie kaudu projektis esimest korda

*EstYES osalustasu – vähendatakse EstYESi partneritele, mentoritele, grupiliidritele jt vabatahtlikele

*ISIC, ITIC ja IYTC kaardiga -10% soodustus osalustasu summalt