We invite you to join our ESC Volunteering Teams on the Island of Ruhnu. The aim of the project is to support a small entity called Liise Talu in organising a marathon called Liise Run, which is a yearly recurring and recognized sporting event in the Estonian marathon calendar. As the event has grown larger over the years, Liise Talu could use the help and input of a group of international volunteers. The group would help to manage the competition in different aspects, starting from taking photos of the event, keeping an eye on the track, but also with cleaning up the nature paths afterwards. In addition to practical tasks for the event there will also be planned learning activities, workshops and intercultural learning during the project.

The project aims to bring together active, motivated young people from different EU countries, aged 18 to 30, to contribute to the daily work of Liise Talu from 14th until 31th of May 2023. The volunteering team would be offering much needed help managing the sporting event, bringing different cultures to the island and ultimately benefiting the remote community.




Ruhnu Island is situated in the center of the Gulf of Liivi. The area of the island is 11,9 km² and less than 100 people live there permanently. Ruhnu is currently the smallest parish in Estonia and was first mentioned in 1341. The island is home to some unique buildings and architecture. In Ruhnu, you’ll find the oldest wooden building in Estonia as well as the oldest surviving wooden sanctuary, St. Madeline’s Church. Ruhnu is accessible during the summer by boat and from autumn to spring by plane. 

The organisation Liise Talu is located in a little heritage protected village in the middle of the island. The entity started providing accommodation in renovated cottages twenty years ago, but with time has become the heart of Ruhnu and the center of the community, offering different types of services and activities for everybody.


Proposed activities


– Helping Liise Talu with organising the large sporting event (preparing the marathon track, arranging seatings to the audience and medals for the runners, putting together gift bags, preparing the numbers for runners, carrying things, cleaning up, supervising the track, taking photos and videos of the event, etc.);

– Promoting further the active and healthy lifestyle in the Ruhnu community by implementing workshops on the topic;

– Having cultural evenings for local people, introducing different cultures to the remote community;

– Gardening work in order to help make a herb garden for Liise Talu; 

– Possibility to offer other activities on the island, with the aim of bringing people together. 




The volunteers will be accommodated in Liise Talu facilities, in a private house where the entire group will stay together. The volunteers will stay in shared rooms, but still have plenty of space. There is a kitchen, shower rooms and a sauna as well. Although most time will be spent outdoors because of the planned activities. Volunteers will help prepare lunch and dinner in shifts for their own group. According to the ESC Volunteering Teams guidelines, the volunteers will receive 4€ pocket money per day.

On the island of Ruhnu everything is within a walking distance, but there is also a car available if need be. There is a small shop in the village and the ferry goes to the mainland every two days. 


Requirements for the volunteer


The project aims to bring together young people from the EU, aged 18 to 30 years old, to form an international group of 10. We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about sports, healthy lifestyle, event organising and community development. The most important aspect in order to participate in the project is the motivation. We are looking to include active young people with ideas and eagerness to make them happen, bringing energy to the small community. In addition, willingness and readiness to experience life and work on a tiny remote island during two weeks, and the lessons it has to offer.




In order to apply, fill in this application form