We would really like people to come and visit Estonia and to take part in one of our voluntary workcamps – they are a really great experience. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the comments from volunteers who have taken part in our workcamps:

‘A great experience, meeting groups from different countries – a good way of travelling and discovering a country’. (Clement from France) Vahastu camp.

‘Work in the forests and around the lakes gave a great impression of the Estonian landscape.’ (Gerhard from Germany) Vahastu camp.

‘The group was lovely, fantastic. We had a great time – it was easy and funny to be together.’ (Tiina from Finland) Märjamaa camp.

‘I think everybody could speak some English so for me it was a great place to study my English!’ (Kyoko from Japan) Märjamaa camp.

‘Everybody was very motivated – much laughing was very good and stimulated us for the work.’ (Frederick from Belgium) Imastu camp.

‘The midnight sauna and after that swimming in the cold river was something very different.’ (Helen from Netherlands) Soomaa camp.

‘The camp was really cool and the last evening possibly the best!’ (Christine from Belgium) Võrumaa camp.

‘Voluntary camps are the best place to my mind where you can meet people from other nationalities.’ (Inga from Latvia) Tammiste camp.

‘Good group dynamic, very lively, it was really interesting to have so many nationalities in one house – good fun, good vibes, good looking!’ (Kai from Germany) Arossa camp.

‘I liked it very much. We spent a wonderful time together and I’m very glad I met these people.’ (Maria from Russia) Tartu Malev camp.

‘I like very much that I could see Tallinn and Estyes booked a hostel for me. Everybody was really helpful and I had a really great time working and hanging out with all these people. It was a really good way to spend the holidays and and a great experience – thank you!’ (Anna from Poland) Pärsti.

‘The group was fantastic, we had lots of fun together. Everybody was friendly, positive and interesting. It was hard to leave them!’ (Margit from Estonia) Haapsalu camp.

‘This was my first workcamp and I have to say that I enjoyed the two weeks very much. The work was always enough so we really had soething to do. For the future I would really recommend this place because of the contact between the local people and the volunteers and the hosting people cared very much about the volunteers.’ (Christina from Germany) Koeru camp.