Kindergarten Kaseke in Valga is an establishment for children that offers primary education and daily care to 1.5 up to 7 years old children. It is opened during workdays from 7 am to 6.30 pm. Most of the educational activities are held in the mornings according to daily schedule, for example music and training lessons. Warm food is served for children three times a day. From 1 to 3 pm are silent hours where children can sleep or rest. After that is playtime or time to do some individual activities. There are also parties and events for different public and national holidays. 

The kindergarten is taking part of many different projects – drama lessons for the children, promoting healthy lifestyle etc. 



Valga is county town that is situated in South of Estonia next to Estonian-Latvian boarder. Valga is the administrative center of county and the most southern town of Estonia. Together with Valka (Latvian town) it forms united combined city situated on the banks of the river Pedeli. There are about 13 000 people in combined. Valga has had variety of different nations throughout the history. There are five schools, four kindergartens, , culture house, museum and many different dining places. In culture house there is modern cinema, where also 3D movies are shown. There are lots of different concerts, shows and other interesting events throughout the year. 


Work tasks and proposed activities 

  • Taking part in planning the daily activities and schedules according to his/her abilities to conduct different activities 
  • Playing with children and giving more individual approach to kids 
  • Helping teacher with everyday activities 

Volunteer who is joining our team is going to have the opportunity to work with children in different age groups. Most of all we would like he/she to be working with children in a group at the age of 3-4. As in every group there are children who will need more attention and individual approach then we are seeking that the volunteer is a teacher’s aide who will help and engage with children who need extra support and attention doing the daily routines. 


Benefits of volunteering 

  • Learning to cope with children group up to 22 kids 
  • Learning how to organize work, time and events 
  • Learning how to conduct group work and events in the whole kindergarten 
  • Possibility to see and take part in the collaboration made with the parents and with other institutions in the city 


Requirements for the volunteer 

  • Motivated to work with children
  • Motivated to learn about Estonian pre-school education
  • Playful, patient and friendly 
  • Readiness to communicate 

It would be a benefit to have ability to play some instrument or to have some other extra assets. Especially good would be if he/she could share knowledge – teach it to children and also to the kindergarten personnel. 



To apply, fill in the application form in the left column and send it to
NB! We are flexible regarding the project dates which means we can change the service dates to some extent according to the needs of the volunteer.