Workcamp Title: Festivals, lakes, and film nights – Spremberg is calling!
WorkcampNr.: ijgd 70116
Location: Spremberg
When: 20.09- 10.10.
Where: Brandenburg; 120 km South-East from Berlin

Who: 12 participants from around the world, aged 16 – 26
Meals: The group will prepare and cook meals together
Accommodation: You will be staying in a guesthouse in Spremberg town centre
Nearest Train Station: Spremberg
Nearest Airport: Berlin
Extra Fee: 50 €
Special Requirements: None

Variety is guaranteed in this camp in the lovely Spremberg! The South-East Brandenburg branch of the “Sozialpädagogisches Institut”
(Social Pedagogy Institute) the foundation operates the “Bergschlösschen” intergenerational centre in the city of Spremberg. This year will be the 19th time that an international workcamp takes place there.
The foundation’s holiday resort at the Felixsee lake needs to be renovated and refurbished. This is where your help will be required,
particularly in the outside areas in the middle of the densely wooded nature.
In the city of Spremberg, you will have the opportunity to get to know a bit about integrative work with refugee children, adolescents
and families and to enrich this work with your ideas – such as with childcare, for example. You will experience the traditional local
festival in Spremberg up close and will help to organise the children’s party with us. You can also actively support the Spremberg film
nights on the open-air stage in the city. As well as all of this, you will also have the opportunity to be creative and artistically engaged
throughout the camp.

During this camp, you will have numerous opportunities to get to know the local community and landscapes in the region.
You will be staying in a B&B in the centre of Spremberg. The central location of our “Bergschlösschen” centre offers a variety of
diverse leisure activities, such as using the media and youth rooms, creative projects and sports. In Spremberg itself there is an
outdoor pool, a cinema, a skate park, and various other tourist attractions. It is also possible to go on trips as a group to the nearby
regions. The unique Spreewald region is a paradise for boat tours and canoeing. Spremberg is in the region of Brandenburg, around
120km away from Berlin and 20km away from Cottbus (both reachable by train). There are buses that run within Spremberg itself.
Upon your arrival at Spremberg train station, you will be picked up with a shuttle bus which will take you directly to your


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