Training for youth leaders, youth workers and teachers on theater 29.08.21-4.09.21

International volunteering, including European Solidarity Corps (ESC), allows youth to work together in an international team and develop various skills and attitudes: cross- cultural communication and appreciation/understanding for cultural differences, communication and problem-solving skills, self-development, increased self- confidence, teamwork, and many more.


Youth organisations’ trainers, youth workers and active members play a big role in
facilitating these engaging learning processes.

Culture Act is therefore organised to provide them with innovative improv skills to better facilitate the intercultural learning process during international volunteering.


Culture Act includes the following steps to reach its objectives:

  • Two online sessions to prepare for the training course (14 and 21 August)


  • A 5-day training course to provide the participants with improv theatre skills to
    promote and facilitate cross-cultural exchange in international volunteering (29 August – 4 September in the Netherlands, including travel days)


  • An implementation phase in which the participants practise and implement the skills and knowledge gained during the training back home (September-


  • An online evaluation of the activities organised (8 January 2022)


Culture Act has the following objectives for you:

  • to gain experiences in non-formal education and improv theatre as an inspirational
    method to improve facilitation and promotion of international volunteering and ESC,
  • to be equipped with cross-cultural competencies to facilitate interaction with
    (international) youth groups and international volunteers back home,
  • to create new improv methods to facilitate and promote cross-cultural
  • to develop an action plan to be implemented in your organisation’s context as well
    as at the international level.


We are inviting anyone that recognises the profile below to apply for Culture Act:

  • Have interest and or experience in international volunteering and cross-cultural
  • Willing to learn more about improv theatre to promote and facilitate cross-cultural
  • Be an active (voluntary) (staff) member in the partner organisations involved,
  • Committed to participate in all 4 phases as described above,
  • Interested in creating friendship and sharpening cross-cultural sensitivity with IVS
    group leaders from all around Europe, minimum 18 years old,
  • Sufficient level of English to express oneself during the training course and seminar.



Accommodation and meals during the training course are provided

Travel compensation as per below:

EUR 275 for participants from Estonia, France, Italy, Serbia, Spain

Train tickets (return) for Dutch participants

Please note that we will use a small amount of the travel compensation to arrange pick-ups and drop-offs on the arrival and departure days.

You will need to be based in one of the countries listed and travel to/from your country to be eligible to participate in Culture Act.

Please do not book any tickets until you are confirmed to participate in
Culture Act!


Culture Act is a project that is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is coordinated and implemented by SIW in close collaboration with the partners.

The training course and online sessions will be facilitated by Csenge Fazekas, Pujiarti
and Rob van Leeuwen, who have gained a lot of cross-cultural competences through
their training work as well as living abroad.

They are experienced facilitators, while they are improv theatre lovers too 🙂


Accommodation and meals are covered by the Erasmus + program.

Up to 275 EUR will be refunded.

Before applying, please make sure that you can participate on the given dates.

To apply, write to