Uued projektid sinu postkastis!

Volunteering Promote Goodness – A strategic EVS project focused on emphazising non-formal learning and raising the awareness about EVS and its values.

The wish to carry out this project was due to the fact, that there is a favourable environment in Europe that makes this not only possible but also desirable as shown by the fact that a growing number of stakeholders from various sectors intends to take advantage of the potential of NFL (non-formal learning). But there are still many people, who don´t know that EVS is good method for using formal and non-formal education and they are not aware of value of EVS and opportunity to participate in it.

This is not only emphasised by the growing attention of youth-targeting programmes (such as YiA and now E+) but also by our own experience. During a needs assessment exercise with returnee volunteers we identified a whole set of skills that their experience brought about. In particular: Global awareness; Adaptability; Interpersonal skills; Delegation capacity; Stress management; Self-confidence; Problem solving; Self-learning capacity; Strategic thinking etc.

In spite of this, links between youth organisations and other actors (i.e. government structures and labour market forces) are still scarce. This is possibly due to the lack of mechanisms to acknowledge and take advantage of inter-sectorial synergies and has emerged as a priority of our partners in the course of our growing collaborations.

Therefore, there was this wish to create an inspiring international environment for Estonia people in order to promote purposeful participation in lifelong learning and contribution to a community on the way of personal development in the global world.

EstYES was targeting the following strategic aims and objectives during the project:

  • To raise an awareness of value of EVS and opportunity to participate in it in Estonia county through increasing number of organisations working with EVS;
  • to raise an awareness of value of EVS and opportunity to participate in it amongst the organisations and youth;
  • to raise an awareness of European Solidarity Corps;
  • to increase the number of EVS accredited organisations and sending Estonia youth to EVS
  • To increase a capacity of EstYES NGO to coordinate, receive and send EVS volunteers
  • to create a systematic and structured new approach to service delivery in order to optimize work with all parties – volunteers, ROs, SOs, supervisors, mentors – involved into EVS;
  • to improve our competence of preparation and supporting EVS volunteers with fewer opportunities during the service with the help of supervision;
  • To create prerequisites for social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities into EVS
  • to strengthen partnership with international organisations working with young people with fewer opportunities.

Our volunteers within this project did a great job with the promotion and raising awareness of the programmes. They shared their culture and information in the youth centres, education fairs and events, schools and kindergartens, among the parents and teachers. EstYES was also meeting with their partners to develop their collaboration and made agreements with new interested organisations. Collaboration was made with a few organisations who are supporting the youngsters with fewer opportunities.

The project is funded by the Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency from the Erasmus + program.

Cooking in Räpina

Cooking in Räpina

On the 28th of September, a week before the end of my project, I cooked a national dish in the kindergarten where I’d been volunteering for 6 months.

This dish is called Dolma and it’s cooked in many countries of Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East. The type of Dolma that i cooked is called Three Sisters and is mainly made during the summer since there should be fresh vegetables. Many of my colleagues joined me in the kitchen helping, watching and asking questions about this dish. They were very surprised to see how long it takes to cook it. We started at 9:00 and the meal was ready at 13:30! Thankfully, it was worth it and all my colleagues enjoyed this meal. I’m very thankful for the support and help that i got from them.

Here are some pictures of the prosess:


Me talking about the dish and explaining the proses of cooking it. P.s I’m not angry, it’s just a normal expression of my face😊
First step – cleaning the vegetables. My coworkers have joined me to help.

My sweet tutor cutting the onions and crying through laughter 😊
Me explaining how to cut the eggplant accurately. My colleague is so serious about learning how to cook this😊
Everybody is working so hard… except for the woman in green – I see you 😊
Cleaning those huge eggplants took most of the time. In Azerbaijan eggplants are way smaller!

Getting the stuffing ready. I loved how it came out – meat, inner parts of eggplants and tomatoes, onions, greens and spices… better than I had expected.
Cooking the meat before putting it inside the vegetables. In our culture it’s important to cook the meat properly since we don’t eat half raw meat.
Getting those vegetables ready for the oven!
Can’t wait till they’re out!
Sooo here we are!!! 😊 looks delicious!
Nati helping me to cut those huge eggplants and peppers.
The table is ready! Head isu!
The woman in green is thinking: “To eat or not to eat?”
I’m like: “You should say that it is delicious!”
My director giving me flowers for my hard work 😊 so sweet of her!
Hugs and warm words! I’m gonna miss this team!

Aytaj Asgarova stayed in Estonia for 6 months within the project “Boost the Mind III” which is funded by Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service program.

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