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Meet Nefeli from Greece!

Meet Nefeli from Greece!

Nefeli is an European Voluntary Service volunteer from Greece who is working in Tallinna Kullatera Kindergarten.

On the 21st of April I visited the Viljandi Avatud Noortetuba youth center in Viljandi, where I had the opportunity to present my country, Greece. What is very interesting when you present your country is that you explain to people why people behave the way they do. Behind every person is hidden a culture which is strongly connected to his acts and thoughts. So in my presentation, of coursed I showed the beauty that Greece has but I also broke some stereotypes. Greece has a hidden beauty in every corner, it can be a landscape, a historical place, it can be the smell of delicious food or it can be the “filotimon” of people, which warms everyone’s heart. Some people have experienced something like this and shared their story; some were motivated from what they saw to visit my country. Even though my country has financial crisis, I made people to see further from what they only see in the media. The evening finished with lots of food and Greek dances. I made a typical pie ‘spanakopita’ which is spinach pie, tzatziki which is a very famous traditional dish and garlic bread. A typical characteristic of Greeks is that, when they have guests they are all day in the kitchen, because they want to pleasure them. They offer them a lot of food, which is rude if you don’t take. It was a very nice experience during my EVS to have the opportunity to share the love that I have about Greece with others.


Nefeli stays in Estonia for 9 months within the project ”Boost the Mind” which is funded by Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service program.

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