Kindergarten “Päkapikk” is a municipality kindergarten in Võru. Kindergarten works in 10 groups: two groups for small kids: 1,5 to 3 years and eight for children aged 3 to 7. The kindergarten values outdoor education and cultural traditions. 

Besides working with curriculum on daily basis, the kindergarten especially focuses on children’s healthcare, environmental awareness, local studies and preparation for school. They have nice traditions like days with family, sport activity days, visiting theaters and concerts, hikes and excursions during spring and summer. 

The day in Kindergarten is following: 7-8.30 gathering and games; 8.30 breakfast; 9-11 lessons, musical or sport activities; 12.30 lunch and mid-day sleep; 15-16 games, 16.30 dinner and games. 


Võru County with its hills and valleys and its forests is one of the most beautiful regions in Estonia. The town of Võru (founded in 1784) is situated in South-East of Estonia, on the bank of lake Tamula, It is the centre of Võru County. The distance to capital city Tallinn is 280 km but to second biggest town Tartu only 69 km from Võru. 

There are one high school, 2 primary schools, a sport-school, a music-school and many hobby groups, a library and a sporthall, also other clubs and pubs in Võru. 

In summer the best place for swimming is lake Tamula or numerous other lakes around the Võru. In winter there are nice hills where is good chances to skiing and snowboarding. There is also possibility to do extreme biking, hiking and other sport. 

Võru has had already few ESV/ESC projects and this will give possibility to get more information about different spheres of voluntary work and to spend time together. 

Work tasks and proposed activities 
  • Participating and helping teachers in games and lessons with the children 
  • Preparing materials for the lessons and activities 
  • Helping music teacher in the class 
  • Preparing and helping out with different events 
  • Assisting the kids while dressing up 
  • Outdoor activities while outside playtime 
  • Helping kids before and after mid-day sleep and eating 

The task of the volunteers is to help the kindergarten personnel in their daily work with children. She/he can work in one age group or share the work between different groups depending of volunteer interest or ability. She/he will never work alone but under supervision and guidance of kindergarten group teacher. She/he can propose her/his own ideas – teaching games and songs, dances, are exhibition etc. Also sharing her/his culture is welcome. 

Requirements for the volunteer 
  • Motivated and ready to work with small kids 
  • Motivated to learn Estonian language
  • Friendly, positive and open-minded 
  • Active and helpful 

Interest in music and arts are an advantage. 

Learning outcomes

Volunteer acquires different childcare and preschool pedagogy skills: supporting children playing and social skills, conducting learning activities, organizing events. Volunteer can also use their creativity: experiment different ideas in art activities, room decorating, events organization. Volunteer can develop her presentation skills and courage, communication skills and initiative and sense of duty.