Foundation Perekodu (SA Perekodu) is an institution with different departments and services for children and young people with mental or physical disabilities in Viljandi County. Regular activities in Perekodu are aimed to provide everyday care and counselling, helping to raise children’s and young people’s awareness of themselves. It is run in cooperation with the specialists such as therapists, psychiatrists, social workers and youth-police. There are around 80 staff members all together in the institution.

Perekodu provides services such as: childcare, (child) support, rehabilitation, substitution and aftercare. In the main building there is a nursery and a school for children with severe mental or physical disabilities from the age of 1.5 to 19. Childcare services are offered to disabled children after school time. Support services for disabled children who need personal services to support them in their everyday activities. The rehabilitation centre serves about 115 children a year. The rehabilitation team has a psychologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, creative therapist, social worker, special educator and speech therapist. For substitution services, there are family homes and an apartment for orphans and kids with special needs. Each family has their own educator. Most of the children go to school and kindergarten during the daytime. In their free time, many children go to hobby schools.

The organisation wants to give them the possibility to experience a similar lifestyle as their contemporaries in biological families. Aftercare service is for studying and with youngsters up to the age of 25.



All the buildings are located within 3-7 km of the Viljandi city centre and are easily reached by free public transport. Viljandi is the sixth largest city in Estonia and is located in southern Estonia. It is 161 km from Tallinn and 81 km to Tartu. There is a very good bus and train connection with the capital and other cities. There are many cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, a library, a theatre, the university and alternative places–a bowling centre, an ice-skating hall, a cinema, fitness clubs and other entertainment opportunities in Viljandi. Also, Viljandi has beautiful nature and lots of culture. The rural atmosphere of the town is balanced by the Cultural Academy of Viljandi which organizes many events in town–concerts, dance performances, plays etc.


Work tasks

The volunteers role is to support the educator, daycare or be a support person while doing activities with kids and youngsters.

Everyday work is with kids who have special needs, including kids with physical disability. Activities can range a lot from helping kids to learn, deal with everyday tasks, and play with them. Doing arts and crafts and musical activities are very welcomed! Volunteer can also participate in study visits and help to organize different outings and excursions. The volunteer is expected to be a friend and role model for these children and help them to understand the delight of life. It is important to teach these children to evaluate their surroundings to find their way. Mostly the volunteer is helping out on workdays, occasionally there is help needed on weekends.

The main complex for work is Jaagu kindergarten and school, created for kids with special needs. Currently, there are 40 students. Kids study on 4-6 people groups, there are educators and support staff to help with that. Every student has a personalised curriculum, the main focus goes on developing social skills and communication.  A volunteer is expected to be open and ready to learn extra pedagogical approaches, such as picture communication etc.  Students also use different methods, and playful additions (such as robotics) and spend time outside.


Volunteer profile

  • speaks English or Russian
  • willingness to work with kids with special needs and disabilities, kind and playful in nature.
  • wants to learn and educate themselves, open for teamwork, responsible, flexible.
  • previous knowledge in working with kids or having some experience in pedagogics comes in handy.



To apply fill in the application form in the left column and send it to

NB! We are a bit flexible regarding the project dates which means we can change the service dates according to the needs of volunteer.