Tipu Nature School is a non-profit organization founded in august 2007 with the aim of connecting people with nature and promoting environmental awareness. Tipu Nature School is situated on the base of an old schoolhouse in Tipu village in Soomaa National Park/South-West Estonia, which is known for its vast bog complexes, rivers and flooded meadows. Soomaa offers great possibilities for nature hikes and observations. Tipu Nature School has been a host organization in the German ”Voluntary Ecological Year” program since 2009. Additionally, we have hosted volunteers within the European Solidarity Corps for some years. The different background and experience of the volunteer help us a lot to find new solutions and reflect on our organization.
The main focus of the Nature School is on educational programs for school and kindergarten kids. We also offer nature camps for youngsters during school vacation. Apart from that we organize nature hikes, lectures and trainings on environmental education, permaculture, handcrafts. Our aim is to build up an interactive, informative and attractive complex. So far the Nature School offers lots of smaller attractions like barefoot-trail, permaculture garden, water playground and the interaction with our animals (goats, chicken, rabbits and bees).

Proposed activities

With the help of volunteers from different countries we build up the grounds of the Nature School, keep our hiking trail in order and restore a wooded meadow within the National Park. We organize international workcamps every year. Tipu Nature School and Soomaa National Park offer an inspiring workfield for volunteers interested in nature and environmental topics. The works and activities differ according to season, weather and special interests of the volunteers.

  • Garden works and maintaining of attractions on hiking trail and Nature School
  • Taking care of animals (goats, chicken, ducks, rabbits and bees), milking the goats,
    making hay etc
  • Composing materials and texts for environmental education activities and participation
    in activities for school children
  • Writing articles and posts for the homepage
  • Supporting the implementation of children’s and youth camps and educational
  • Organization of workcamps and participation in work camps
  • Personal project (we ask our volunteers to plan, develop and implement a personal
Benefits of volunteering

The organization is still young and lots of activities depend on voluntary work. We are open to new ideas and concepts and ask the volunteers to be active, work self-reliant and with our support implement their own projects. Tipu Nature School is situated in the Soomaa National Park and offers great surrounding for nature hikes and canoing.

Requirements for the volunteer

The placement presumes a strong interest in nature and environmental issues. We are situated on the Estonian countryside, about 36 kilometres away from the nearest town. Drivers licence is needed!
Work will differ according to season, but in general the volunteer needs to be willing to work outside and also do physical work. If you are fond of nature, like to hike and be outside, enjoy practical work, garden works and like animals and you are not afraid of learning a complicated language, this will be the place to be for you!


The volunteer will share a flat with two German volunteers working in the organization. The volunteer will have a separte room, but shared kitchen and bathroom. The flat is fully equipped, there is a washing machine and internet connection. The flat has oven heating with firewood. The village Iia, where the volunteers live, is 7 kilometres away from the Nature School and 30 km away from the city of Viljandi. It is a very small village with only 15 inhabitants. You will live on the countryside surrounded by forests and quite far away from city activities.
The volunteers also share a car for getting to work and private use.


To apply fill in the application form in the left column and send it to

NB! We are flexible regarding the project dates which means we can change the service dates to some extent according to the needs of volunteer.