New opportunities for the volunteers and the youth during Covid-19 restrictions.


We need spaces to exchange these solutions, to exchange ideas, and to find new ways of doing it, to increase their quantity and quality.

Therefore, SCI Madrid and SCI Germany have joined forces and are inviting you to join our seminar: COVID 19 – lessons learned.

We hope that, after almost a year of experiences and adaptations, we will be able to exchange experiences, ideas and good practices,

learning from each other and creating new common strategies.


Our objective

• To gather lessons learned and best practices on how to translate our work and goals to a situation
where physical distance is necessary and travel is impossible.
• To create new and creative ways of international volunteering and youth work.
• Evaluate currently developed approaches, such as digital volunteer camps
• To better understand how to use non-formal education in a digital environment
• Learn from others what local emergency volunteering initiatives have been created
• Analyse how the crisis influences long-term volunteering projects abroad
• Understand the social consequences of the closing of borders and how we as youth and volunteer
organisations can contribute to international solidarity in this context.
• Analyse how we can contribute to the fight against new conspiracy theories and misinformation
spread on social media among young people
• Assess how the crisis is connected to issues we have been working on for decades such as
exclusion, racism, sexism, ecology and climate, etc.
• Networking



The results of the seminar will be a manual for youth and volunteering organisations with guidelines on risk management, volunteer management during crises situations, best practices and digital facilitation tips.


At this point, we assume that it will be possible to organize the seminar in-person in Spain in November. We will ask all participants to be vaccinated, recovered and/or tested (depending on the rules in Spain at that point). We will have a hygiene concept for the group during the seminar and will follow all regulations by the authorities.

Should there be another lockdown, we will consider to do the seminar online on the same dates.


Participant’s profile

The project aims to gather 20 participants (up to 2 per partner organization). The participants will be
youth workers, trainers as well as staff, activists, camp coordinators and active volunteers from
volunteering organizations. All participants selected for this project should meet the following criteria
be 18 years old or older
• be able to work in English
• be interested in the seminar topics and have a strong motivation to act as a multiplier
• Able to attend for the full duration of the seminar

• If somehow possible and feasible, be committed to come to the seminar without flying, and to
travel instead by overland route.

We explicitly encourage participants of all classes, educational backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and ethnic backgrounds to apply.


Practical information


The seminar will take place in a seminar house with simple living conditions.

You will sleep in a room shared with few other people.

We can cover all essential costs of the program (including food, travel costs up to a maximum amount per country, visa costs, accommodation and seminar) through a European project grant by Erasmus+.

Sustainable food: In the application form you can tell us if you have any allergies or intolerances. The same applies if you are vegan or vegetarian. We will adapt the food to your needs.

Sustainable travels?: This is also why we ask you to come to this seminar through more sustainable means of transport rather than flying (e.g. by train or bus), if somehow possible.

We will give you more guidance on how you can reach the venue, once you are accepted to the seminar.

Accommodation and food costs are covered by the Erasmus + program. Travel costs will be compensated up to 360€


Before applying please make sure that you are available on the given dates.

To apply write to