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Around the World in 80 minutes in Kohila School

Around the World in 80 minutes in Kohila School

28.09.2018 was event for children “Around the World in 80 minutes”, where they had a travel card and traveled between tables, where were represented different countries.

My name is Sofia Kornieva, I’m volunteer from Ukraine. I can speak in 6 different languages, includes the Polish, and as one girl represented Ukraine in this event, I told about Poland and some interesting facts about Polish language, such as:
1. Poland is the most religion country in Europe.
2. The largest castle in the world is located in Poland. The name of it is Malbork castle.
3. Marie Curie, Frederyk Chopin and Nicolaus Copernicus were born in Poland.
4. Around the world there are around 50 mln people who speak Polish.
5. The name Poles comes from the word “field” (Polish: “pole”) – Poles are simply those living on fields.
6. Polish language belongs to the Slavic group of languages. 9 letters of Polish alphabet you won’t find in any other: ą,ę,ć,ł,ń,ó,ś, ź, ż. Other torture device for foreigners – the “diagraphs”: cz, ch, sz,rz, dz, dż, dź.

Compiled in different combinations, they create tongue twisters such as “Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie w Szczebrzeszynie”. Don’t worry, even Poles have a problem to pronounce it correctly.

Also I taught children some basic phrases, showed pictures and shared music.

Except Poland children visited Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Azerbaijan, listened music, played different geographic games, made a quiz, had prizes, candies and fun.

Sofia stayed in Estonia for 12 months within the project “Be the Change II” which is funded by Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service program.

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