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Новые проекты

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Long Valley Rice Harvest Festival (Hong Kong)

PARTNER: The Conservancy Association (CA) is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. CA’s mission is to… Читать далее

Noortevahetus “Adventures of the Future Past” Hispaanias

Who? 28 young people (22 participants and 6 youth leaders) from 18 to 30 years old coming from Belgium (CBB), Cyprus (See Why), Estonia (ESTYES),… Читать далее

12 kuud EVSi Prantsusmaal

The project: Solidarités Jeunesses is an organisation that works for non-formal education. It runs a number of small community centres in rural environments and organises short… Читать далее

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Esther’s initiative project at Perekodu

I am Esther, an EVS volunteer from Austria who is working in SA Perekodu, an institution of different departments for children with various mental and… Читать далее

Volunteering at World Orienteering Championship in Estonia

How much do you know about orienteering? Competitors who came to Tartu, Southern Estonia, in June definitely know a lot as they got there for… Читать далее

Siimu EVS Hispaanias

Veetsin viimased 9 kuud Terrassas, Hispaanias. See on linn Barcelona lähedal Kataloonias. Kindlasti paljudel tekib küsimus, et miks peaks üldse tahtma minna kuskile teise riiki,… Читать далее