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The project’s goal was to establish a space for dialogue between the youth, private and government sectors with specific attention to Europe and Mexico/Central America so to work towards:

  • Acknowledgement of NFL as a vital element in the formative professional path of young people
  • Recognition of NFL by formal learning institutions, market actors and government institutions
  • Enhancement of the capacities of young people through engagement with NFL activities so to create multipliers and increase awareness of the value of NFL
  • Establishment of a dialogue between representatives of the youth, government, educational and market actors to better coordinate NFL training activities and integrate them into the formative path of young people
  • Formalisation of the above mentioned training approach into a tool that can be used and integrated into formal and nonformal training

This was achieved through implementation of:

  • Youth trainings
  • Job shadowing
  • Youth conferences (involving representatives of government, universities and private sectors)
  • and preparation of Handbook and a Report on formal/non-formal interactions

Our methodology made use of non-formal learning across all activities with use of creative methods, coaching participants through reflective exercises, contact sessions, energizers, cultural exchanges and games with the goal to help integrate them into the group, boost their emotional intelligence and learning, dwell on participants’ skills and experiences to increase their understanding of different realities, cultures, and approaches to an issue. At the end of each working day participants were asked to reflect and evaluate the outcome of the sessions together with the trainers and steering group. By doing this, we involved young people through (individual and group) mobility activities, while prompting a reflection on the way to use newly acquired skills on the job market. This made it possible through involvement of other sector’s (private, public) actors and identification of mechanisms to make this multi-sectorial interaction regular while identifying good practices that can be classified and serve to next projects.


One of the PROTON project products is the Handbook.

It gives an overview of project activities and achievements, shares testimonies of participants and, most important, presents non-formal educational methods that proved to be successful and gives other useful instruments for formation of young people in different contexts of formal as well as informal educational settings.

We hope you will find it useful for yourself and will use its materials in your daily practice.

Proton Handbook

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