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Koolitus “Youth Participation: One mission. Human Rights” (Lviv, Urkaine)

Koolitus “Youth Participation: One mission. Human Rights” (Lviv, Urkaine)

See koolitus on uks kolmest kohtumisest, mis toimub 2020 aasta jooksul projekti pohjal. Koolitus on moeldud noorsootootajatele ja opetajatele, kes on pidevalt oma toos noortega seotud.

Esimene osa toimub 25-31 jaanuaris Lviv, Ukraine.


Invitation for participation in Study Visit Support youth participation in vulnerable groups as
realisation and promotion of Human Rights in Lviv, Ukraine on 25-31 January 2020

The project ́s idea isto promote youth participation and this study visit allows youth workers andeducators to develop their awareness in this field and – further – to empower the young people they work with.

There is a possibility to participate also in the following two study visits:
– “Involving young people in participatory urban development” in Georgia in March 2020,
– “Youth participation in International Voluntary Service projects” in Estonia in May 2020.

The study visit in Lviv is specifically focused on youth participation as way to realise and in
the same time to promote Human Rights as well as on development of competence to involve young people from vulnerable groups to participate actively in the community life.

The study visit aims to enrich youth workers with the tools and knowledge for effective support the social inclusion and civic participation of young people from vulnerable groups. It is focused on sharing experience of fostering civic participation of young people from the groups that are especially vulnerable to abuse of human rights in their communities – groups that are structurally discriminated against.

They include women and girls, children, national and ethnic minorities and people with disabilities. The participants will learn practices of youth work in Lviv on how to enhance youth participation and develop participatory skills of young people from vulnerable groups.

The study visit will be organized in Lviv, Ukraine, on 25-31 January 2020, which includes five full working days (26-03.01) and two travel days (25.01 – arrival, 31.01 – departure), with participation of 16 youth workers – from Estonia, Georgia, Germany and Ukraine.

The activity will be based on non-formal education approach using interactive educational methods and field visits.

Working language is English.

The participants should be able to follow presentations, participate
in discussions and provide feedback in English.

The programme includes introduction in concept and specifics of the hosting organisation’s activity,
visits to other organisations and meetings with youth groups, supported by them, joint debriefing and reflection on professional level of mentioned above experience by all of participants of the study visit.

Thus, the participants not only get information from the visiting organisations, but also experience their approach, have chance to see its impact for end-users and share their thoughts concerning that.

Combination of these elements ensures better understanding the practices, which will be presented, from different perspectives and taking in consideration their different aspects, that will help to make adequate transfers of those practices to the work of the participants.
See the Preliminary programme on the page 3.

Profile of the participants
– youth workers / educators, directly involved in practical work with youth on the regular bases (as professionals or volunteers),
– interested in the topic: Support youth participation in vulnerable groups as realisation and promotion of Human Rights,
– at least 18 years old.
Expectations from the participants
– involvement in all programme activities (mandatory);
– active involvement in discussions, reflections and debriefing of the visits and work-shops as a
contribution in analysis of the topic;
– short written feedback on the practices, they learned during the study visit, provided in two weeks, following the study visit;
– further dissemination of their learning outcomes among other youth workers and young people through their daily work and report about that to the organisers.

All costs connected with participation in the programme are covered by the organisers. There is no participation fee.

Accommodation (in twin rooms), meals and transfers on the place are provided by the organisers. Travel costs to Lviv and back will be reimbursed to the participants by bank transfers withing two weeks afterthe end of the study visit.

Prerequisites for that are: participation in the whole programme, preliminary agreement with theorganizers of tickets to Lviv and provision of printed tickets, boarding passes (to Lviv) and signed reimbursement form.

The participants are responsible for having relevant health travel insurance, valid in Ukraine for thewhole period of the study visit.


Osalejad ise ostavad lennupiletid. Reisiraha tagastatakse osalejatele projekti toimumise parast kahe nadala jooksul.

Osalemine maksab 30 euro + 25 euro liikmemaks (kui oled Estyes kaudu juba projektis osalenud, siis liikmemaksu tasuma ei pea)

Kui tunned huvi selle projekti vastu, vota meiega uhendust esimesel voimalusel [email protected]

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