Ukraina vabatahtliku miniprojekt

EstYES 16.09.2016

Ukraina EVT vabatahtlik Mariia Lavretska tegi enne oma teenistuse lõppu Tallinna Lastekodu Ema ja Lapse Turvakodus toreda miniprojekti.

My name is Mariia Lavretska, I am a volunteer in Tallinna Lastekodu, and here is small report about my individual project.

Once upon a time, my children and me decided to decorate our Lastekodu with cartoon characters, made by ourselves.
Who were these characters?  Of course, it was Peppa pig, Masha & Bear, Lotte the dog, Shaun the sheep, Angry birds etc. Each child chose her/his own character and found the place for it: on the wall in the living room, on the door or even on the fridge!

Everyone was involved in this project! Even Martin (8 months) tried to help. The duration of making our first character took about several hours. It was not very difficult to organise the process, having a good management and all necessary materials. And due to EstYES we have a lot of materials (gouache, children scissors, pencils, glue, carton, colour paper)!

We met all together, chose characters and painted!

I have got a possibility to make my own master-class and leave some visible memory about “Ukrainist vabatahtlik Mariia” after finishing the project. I needed my managing skills to organise that event, my soft skills to involve everyone and also a bit of painting skills.