Aktiivsed Projektid

Rahvuspark Itaalias “Foreste Casentinesi”

BACKGROUND This international workcamp is going to take place for the 4th year, organised in collaboration with social cooperative “In Quiete”, coordinated by… Loe edasi

Vabatahtlikuna Šveitsi maagilistesse alpidesse

PROJECT Through the extensive use of the terraces around Alp Flix since hundreds of years, a unique moor- and cultural landscape with high-level moors, fens,… Loe edasi

Noortele vanuses 15-17: vabatahtlikuks festivalile “Frayse’Toch” Prantsusmaal

PROJECT Enjoy unforgettable moments at the Frayse estate where one of the greatest festivals for young, hip and trendy people of the Aquitaine… Loe edasi

Noortele vanuses 14-16: projekt filminduse huvilistele Türgis

This is an international thematic camp for the age group 14 – 16. Teenagers from different countries will create a “group film” in Afacan… Loe edasi

Noortele vanuses 16-17: “Save the orchards” Saksamaal

PROJECT It will be your task to remove mistletoe from fruit trees in various orchards in and around the town of Filderstadt. Mistletoe,… Loe edasi

Noortele vanuses 16-17: “Giving New Life to Middle-Aged Walls” Saksamaal

PROJECT Together with your team, you’ll be living on the grounds of the monastery in Heiligengrabe, that was first built in 1287 and… Loe edasi

Noortele vanuses 15-17: “BIOWORLD” Itaalias

Help the local host to renovate, build a space for international groups, help and support recollect of cherry and other vegetables.. At the same… Loe edasi

Noortele vanuses 15-17: vabatahtlikuna festivalile “Roccantica” Itaalias

SUMMARY Go back to the Middle Age with the Roccantica Festival. Help the local community to make this event successful through many tasks… Loe edasi

Looduskaunis Šveits ootab “Valle Bavona”

PROJECT: Volunteers live and work for a foundation that manages a nature reserve.The valley has been under protection for more than a century. Particularities of… Loe edasi

Ökoküla Belgias ”La CITE s’invente”

Join the workcamp at ”La CITE s’invente” In the city of Liège and help this educational organisation to promote sustainable development through their eco-centre!… Loe edasi

“Permaculture & self-sufficiency” Saksamaal

PROJECT: Right in the middle of the countryside, in the heart of the Bergisches Land, lies the “Gut Alte Heide” seminar house. Throughout the… Loe edasi

Kultuuriprojekt “The Feast of Na-Tcha” Macaos

With a 500 hundred years history, Macao preserves many historical properties. The Historic Centre of Macao, which includes 20+ historic monuments and public squares,… Loe edasi