Olnud Projektid

EVS Islandil (5 kuud)

Kuupäevad on orienteeruvad, vabatahtlikku oodatakse nii pea kui võimalik. Vabatahtliku põhilisteks ülesanneteks on: 1) Rahvusvahelise laagri liidriks olemine 2) Projektide korraldamine/assisteerimine Erinevate projektide vahel võimaldatakse… Loe edasi

Rural Sicily 3.0 – Winter Edition

PROJECT: Giosef is a youth association engaged in intercultural initiatives to bring youngsters from the world together. This project is meant to discover the traditional work in… Loe edasi

Vabatahtlikuks Taisse

SHORT DESCRIPTION: KokPayom is a strong Muslim fishermen community from Satun province, Southern Thailand. Over 30 families of the village gathered to protect the bio… Loe edasi

Advent and Aurora Hunting Photomarathon

WORK: This is the tenth year that SEEDS organizes series of International Photo marathons. Throughout the year participants from all over the world come to… Loe edasi

Hand in Land (India)

PARTNER: FSL-India has been running workcamps all over India since 2001. Over the years, FSL-India has developed a strong network of local partners and local… Loe edasi

2 EVSi Prantsusmaal – KIIRE!

1. Community work and local development: we are looking for 2 motivated volunteers who will be hosted in the regional office near Bordeaux. The volunteers will… Loe edasi

Koolitus Encore Ungaris

We are looking for: people from the are of youth work, or people who are working with people. Trainers, coaches, group leaders, and everybody who are… Loe edasi

Koolitus: EVS Pro (Šveits)

In cooperation with CVS Bulgaria, the Bulgarian SCI branch, SCI Switzerland is organising a training course designed to support staff of EVS/LTV projects – coordinators and… Loe edasi

EVS Šveitsis (10 kuud)

Asylum Centers in Valais, Switzerland October 1st 2017 –July 31th 2018 The Asylum Office of the canton of Valais provides several centers in the region,… Loe edasi

EVS Makedoonias (9-12 kuud)

Project aim and objectives: Volunteers Centre Skopje created this project “Voices”, monthly magazine for young people from Skopje “Voices” and workshops with youth with… Loe edasi

2 EVSi Šveitsis 2018

Circus Lollyop in Lüen, Switzerland, 6 months March 1st 2018 – August 31th 2018 Circus Lollypop in Lüen is a well-established traveling circus working with children… Loe edasi

Koolitus: “Volunteers: United, Motivated, Engaged” (Prantsusmaa)

Concordia is an organisation of non-formal education, which promotes intercultural exchanges. Our traditional activity is the organization of international work camps, and one of its… Loe edasi