Olnud Projektid

EVS “Take a Chance, Be a Change” (Slovakkia)

The volunteers will be involved in the whole process of preparing and realizing the activities. Of course, we will help them; we will work as… Loe edasi

EVS Soomes, Äänekoskis

The project will start on 1 September 2018 or by agreement. Project description: The Äekekoski is about 20 00 inhabitants. During the project, the volunteer… Loe edasi

“Youth Ambassador for Mobility” EVS Prantsusmaal, (8-9 kuud)

The volunteer will be involved in the Youth service of the social Center Viva Sioule. He/she will be fully part of the friendly association’s team… Loe edasi

Lühiajaline EVS Prantsusmaal oktoobris (1 kuu)

Project: Working with the organisation staff (administrative and technical mentors), the volunteers will participate in technical works (reroofing, insulation, plumbing, electricity works, toilets installation, room… Loe edasi

Jõulud Jaapanis

Background: This work camp has been organized together with Local group since 2017. A giant earthquake occurred in Kumamoto prefecture in the southern part of… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Yes4Diversity” Korful, Kreekas

Aim and objectives: The project aims to promote intercultural awareness and diversity, while supporting the development of young people as global citizens, through the creation… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Youth, Media, Trust” Moldovas

Media and Internet  have a profound influence on our views on ourselves and the world around us. While media offers us many opportunities to learn… Loe edasi

EVS Soomes (10 kuud)

KISÄLLI-HARJULANMÄKI has two main activities: it has a nursing home called “Harjulanmäki” for mentally disabled people and a workshop called “Kisälli” which provides art… Loe edasi

Koolitus “Agents of Change” (Tšehhi)

The Agents of Change (AoC) is not the regular training you might be used to when it comes to non-formal education/Erasmus+. We combine elements from… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Acting for Peace” (Prantsusmaa)

In 2018 the 100th anniversary of the WWI will take place. The 28th of July 1914, starts in Europe a war which involved lots of… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Picture Our Reality” (Prantsusmaa)

This youth exchange aims to fight against discriminations, prejudices and stereotypes for a better living together in Europe. The project will be based on three… Loe edasi

Circo eni lai naturaleza (Spain)

PARTNER: The Circompay School was created in 2001 by our collective Asaco Producciones to share and train in the performing arts. Our experience has been… Loe edasi