Aktiivsed Projektid

Culture and Homestay in Mimasaka (Jaapan)

Background: MIEA (Mimasaka International Exchange Association) was founded in 1998 with Mimasaka citizens who are eager to be a liaison between Mimasaka area and outside… Loe edasi

EVS Hispaanias (2 kuud)

Tegevus: Noorsootöö Suvetegevus suvelaagris (09.00 – 15.00, E-R) nagu sport, käsitöö, veemängud, teater jne. Huvi korral täida ankeet ja saada estyes@estyes.ee EVS vabatahtlik ei pea… Loe edasi

Make It Blue (Itaalia)

CPI17 – 11/07/2017 – 25/07/2017 CPI18 – 23/07/2017 – 06/08/2017 CPI19 – 04/08/2017 – 19/08/2017 CPI20 – 17/08/2017 – 31/08/2017 PARTNER: The work camp is… Loe edasi

Urban renovation in Porto Vecchio (Korsika)

Organisation: Etudes et Chantiers Corsica is an association of popular education and social inclusion which activity covers the study and implementation of projects relative to… Loe edasi

Vabatahtlikuks Šotimaale (2-3 kuud)

Project Description: The Bield at Blackruthven is a centre for Christian spirituality, retreat and healing in the widest sense of the word. The focus is… Loe edasi

Toys for Everybody (Türgi)

PARTNER: The workcamp will be realised in cooperation with Tasoluk Municipality and Toys Library Association. We have been cooperating with Toyaeuros Library Association for many… Loe edasi

EVS Peterburis

Host organisation “Shag navstrechu” (Step forward) was created in 2004 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia to support disabled children who live in the 3rd building of the… Loe edasi

Radio Workshop (Saksamaa)

WORK: Do you want to know how to make Radio? Together with the Media Workshop in Bonn, you will be making your own radio show. Loe edasi

Domaine du Rond Chêne (Belgia)

The project: This project will be a collaboration with the authority of the city of Esneux and the CDPA (Centre de Dépaysement et de Plein… Loe edasi

Tulou – World Heritage Preservation (Hiina)

Project Needs: Tulous (土楼) are unique Chinese rural dwellings built between the 12th and 20th centuries by the mountainous Hakka people living in Fujian. In… Loe edasi

Vlahi Nature School (Bulgaaria)

Description: Vlahi Nature School is a long-term initiative, based on the principles of sustainable living, volunteering and environmental education. The Nature School is a real… Loe edasi

EVS Inglismaal (11 kuud)

Vabatahtliku peamisteks ülesanneteks on: kodulehe uuendamine Andmebaasi uuendamine infolehtede kokku panek naasvate vabatahtlikega suhtlemine ja nende kogemuste kirja panek UNA Exchange üritustel osalemine ja korraldamises… Loe edasi