Projektid: Vabatahtlik töö

Sharing the Peace and Goodwill Message (Inglismaa)

PARTNER: UNA Exchange is an international volunteering not-for-profit organisation which aims to engage young people in volunteering and learning opportunities and to deliver inclusive volunteering… Loe edasi

PARIS – The volunteer Motor Tricyle!

Project: Fan of mechanics and handiwork, arts and involvement, this workcamp is for you! Take part in the preparation of the “Volunteering and mobility” Festival… Loe edasi

UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers (Bahrain)

Aastal 2015 käis Bahrainis sellel sama projektil meie kaudu ka üks eestlane. Vaata videost lähemalt, mida ta oma kogemuse kohta räägib (al 01:07 ja 4:25)… Loe edasi

How do you see me? (Prantsusmaa)

Context: We live in a world with an abundance of media and information. Whether it is news, or movie, or advertising, the individual is nowadays exposed… Loe edasi

Tulou – World Heritage Preservation (Hiina)

Project Needs: Tulous (土楼) are unique Chinese rural dwellings built between the 12th and 20th centuries by the mountainous Hakka people living in Fujian. In… Loe edasi

Retro Music festival Jyva’Zik (Belgia)

The aim is to encourage open-mindedness, exchanges, and (north-south) cultural meetings. During two days, artists and NGO’s, working for a fairer and better world, will… Loe edasi

Building bridges for canoeists on the Ilmenau river (Saksamaa)

Project:  Canoeing allows tourists and locals alike to experience an ecologically valuable river landscape worth protecting, full of different types of plants and animals. Local canoe… Loe edasi

Back to the Nature (Tšehhi)

Project: The workcamp is organized in co-operation with the Czech national section of EUROSOLAR. The NGO is dealing with the promotion of renewable energies, providing… Loe edasi

Keelelaager Saksamaal

PRO-NF-09 20.08.-01.09.2017PRO-NF-10 03.09.-15.09.2017PRO-NF-11 17.09.-29.09.2017PRO-NF-12 22.12.-05.01.2018 Language: exclusively German Project: Host organisation is an environmental organisation: “Nature Friends” of Marburg. They have already been organising international… Loe edasi

Germany: Holiday and Language School

Work: After a day of getting to know each other and making plans together, you will be working with the “PallasT” organisation within the Berlin… Loe edasi

Vabatahtlikuks Marokosse

Taroudant is an old city 70 km east of Agadir, it is known for its ramparts; its geographical situation close to the high Atlas Mountains… Loe edasi

Spordivõistlusele vabatahtlikuks (Itaalia)

For years, the festival has focused on the inclusion of migrants, refugees, people with disabilities and all those discriminated groups every day on and off… Loe edasi