Projektid: Saksamaa

Spend your summer “sans souci” – Potsdam (Germany)

PROJECT: Many historical castles and parks in the area of Berlin-Brandenburg are administered and obtained by the foundation “Preußische Schlösser und Gärten”. The heart of… Loe edasi

”Wild Life in the Forest” – National Park Harz

PROJECT: The work you will do depends on what will be necessary at the time. The possible jobs include: freeing of copper beeches: in some… Loe edasi

A new home for bats – Ursensollen (Germany)

PROJECT: The purpose of your work is to rebuild an old brewery cellar, called „Kellerhäusl“, into a new habitat for bats. A specialized company will… Loe edasi

On the trails of mining history – Goslar (Germany)

PROJECT: This project offers a great insight into the UNESCO World Heritage site Rammelsberg. Rammelsberg is a closed down mine, which is nowadays used as… Loe edasi

Keelelaager Saksamaal: Marburg-Marbach

PRO-NF-03 03.06.-15.06.PRO-NF-04 17.06.-29.06.PRO-NF-05 25.06.-07.07.PRO-NF-06 01.07.-13.07.PRO-NF-07 29.07.-10.08.PRO-NF-08 12.08.-24.08.PRO-NF-09 26.08.-07.09.PRO-NF-10 XMS 22.12.-05.01. Language: exclusively German Project: Host organisation is an environmental organisation: “Nature Friends” of Marburg. They… Loe edasi

Keelelaager Saksamaal: Marburg-Stadtwald

PRO-ST-01 10.03.-24.03.PRO-ST-02 07.04.-21.04.PRO-ST-03 19.05.-02.06.PRO-ST-04 23.06.-07.07.PRO-ST-05 04.08.-18.08.PRO-ST-06 08.09.-22.09.PRO-ST-07 06.10.-20.10. Language: exclusively German Project: Host organisation is the municipality of Marburg. They have already been organising international… Loe edasi

FSJ – Aastaks Saksamaale vabatahtlikuks

Allpool on lühike kirjeldus programmi kohta ning mis tingimused on vabatahtlikule. 2018/2019 programmi leiad paremal olevast blokist, samuti ka rohkem lisainfot. Kandideerimise vormi saad “Kandideeri”… Loe edasi