Projektid: Prantsusmaa

Koolitus: “Volunteers: United, Motivated, Engaged” (Prantsusmaa)

Concordia is an organisation of non-formal education, which promotes intercultural exchanges. Our traditional activity is the organization of international work camps, and one of its… Loe edasi

Seminar: Let the Youth Play the Lead (Prantsusmaa)

All participants will put into practice methods of theatrical expression. The main objective of this seminar is to consider cultural practice as a socialisation tool… Loe edasi

EVS Prantsusmaal (12 kuud)

Sulgeme kandideerimise sobiva inimese leidmisel. Projektile tuleks minna niipea kui võimalik. Vir’Volt association is settled since 2016 in a house in the heart of the… Loe edasi