Projektid: Prantsusmaa

Noortele vanuses 15-17: vabatahtlikuks festivalile “Frayse’Toch” Prantsusmaal

PROJECT Enjoy unforgettable moments at the Frayse estate where one of the greatest festivals for young, hip and trendy people of the Aquitaine… Loe edasi

Koolitus “Education on human rights: the ABC for young people” (Prantsusmaa)

The objectives set in initiating this project were to work with the participants on human rights education and to encourage them to be active… Loe edasi

Noortevahetus “Do you see borders?” (Prantsusmaa)

This Youth Exchange deals mainly with the topics of stereotypes, cultural diversity, developing tolerance and fostering integration processes. This project is the opportunity to… Loe edasi