Projektid: NOMADs

NOMADs: “Rehabilitation of the Old Wine Cellar and Sports” (Hispaania)

PARTNER AND PROJECT:​ The workcamp takes place in Solivella, located in the Conca de Barberà County. The workcamp goals are to recover the agricultural industrial… Loe edasi

NOMADs: “Koutsouras” (Greece)

PROJECT AND PARTNER: Municipality of Ierapetra (Department of Environment), communities of Koutsoura–Stavrohoriou and Oreino, cultural associations of Koutsoura-Stavrohoriou and Oreino. Local partners believe that international… Loe edasi

NOMADs: “EAUX BONNES – Into the wild” (France)

PROJECT: ​For mountain lovers! Come to spend three weeks in altitude on the western Pyrenees Mountains! Eaux Bonnes, mountain city at the top of the… Loe edasi

NOMADs: “Green Invaders” (Prantsusmaa)

PROJECT: ​They are small, they are green, they seem harmless and yet they are dangerous invaders for environment … Help us to defeat them! These… Loe edasi

NOMADS: “Hurricane Club House” (Italy)

SUMMARY: Build up a Club House which will be both a place for socialization and a location to organize new sport/social projects. Let’s be part… Loe edasi