Projektid: Lõunamaad

Kogukonnateemaline projekt “Agape” Itaalias

LUNAR04  “AGAPE 2”   1. -22. juuni LUNAR07  “AGAPE 3” 22. juuni – 12. juuli Join Agape, a place where you can share an intense… Loe edasi

“This Summer Is Ours” Kreekas

Projekt toimub kahel korral: ELIX19-02 THIS SUMMER IS OURS I  28. juuni – 13. juuli ELIX19-03 THIS SUMMER IS OURS II 13. juuli –  27. Loe edasi

Keskkonnateemaline projekt “Eco Rivers” Portugalis

This camp will be organized by APRISOF, an environmental NGO focused in the protection of rivers in the district of Porto, Portugal. We promote… Loe edasi

“Another world is possible” Portugalis

AIMS To raise awareness among the participants and the population on organic farms, organic food and fair trade; to develop skills related to… Loe edasi

Botaanikahuvilised Hispaaniasse!

The overall objective of the field is to preserve natural resources for present and future generations, so that our active collaboration serves as an example… Loe edasi

Kohalikele festivalidele Hispaanias “Da Agua e da Pedra”

In this workcamp the volunteers will collaborate actively in the organization of two festivals: “Festa da torta de millo (gastronomic) and in the “Feira da… Loe edasi

“Design and Social Evolution” Hispaanias

ATADI is a non-profit organization dedicated to social services to the community and especially to taking care of intellectual disability people and/or at risk of… Loe edasi

Kultuuri-ja teatriteemaline projekt “Huesca is Legend” Hispaanias

This work camp will take place in Huesca, a small town (50,000 inhabitants) near the Pyrenees Mountains. The History of Huesca has a vast legacy… Loe edasi