Projektid: Itaalia

Paths of Dolomites (Italy)

Project: This project was born thanks to the collaboration between the Town of Agordo and the associations CAI (Italian Alpine Club) and Dolomites Heart, that… Loe edasi

Reno Splash Festival (Italy)

PROJECT: Montagna di Suono is a cultural association founded in 2008 which promotes music and arts in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano area (the mountains between Florence… Loe edasi

Discover the ancient roots of Calabrian Pollino (Italy)

PROJECT: San Lorenzo is a small town where large part of the economy depends on pensions, small business, catering, and tourism seasonal jobs in the… Loe edasi

NOMADS: “Hurricane Club House” (Italy)

SUMMARY: Build up a Club House which will be both a place for socialization and a location to organize new sport/social projects. Let’s be part… Loe edasi

Villa Bona (Italy)

BACKGROUND: ‘Giovani Insieme onlus’ is a voluntary association that since 1998 has organised groups of workcamp volunteers for the protection of artistic, cultural and environmental… Loe edasi