Vabatahtlikuna metsloomade varjupaika Türgis “Wild Animal Planet”

Põnev võimalus töötada ohtustatud loomaliikidega ja erinevate metsloomadega taastusravikeskuses Türgis.

WORK: Celal Acar Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Karacabey/Ovakorusu provides temporarily services for the treatment and rehabilitation of “Endangered Wild Animals” and forbidden animals in this center. There is also a “Bear Shelter” in the same area. Wildlife Rescue Center and Bear Shelter is the one of a kind in Turkey, and there are only a few examples in the world. Especially the treatment and the rehabilitation of the wild animals brought to Turkey illegally, and the injured wild animals in the area are done in Wildlife Rescue Center and Bear Shelter, and after this process, the animals are sent to the countries they are taken or left to their natural environment. There are separate rehabilitation sections for lions, tigers, water birds, wolves, foxes, raptors, reptiles, deer, blackish, and monkeys; bird flight shelter; and a clinical building to provide treatment for the animals. In Wildlife Rescue Center and Bear Shelter, volunteers will help to the professionals in their works, and also they will do the works such as feeding the animals, arranging the area, cleaning and renewal of the cages. There will not be work on weekends.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will be accommodated at the guest house in the center. Meals will be prepared by the volunteers themselves alternately with the ingredients provided by the central management. Volunteers will do the cleaning of the guesthouse alternately.

LOCATION AND LEISURE: Bursa is one of the largest metropolis and the fourth biggest city with the most population in Turkey. Bursa, one of the economically developed cities of Turkey, is the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Bursa was included in the World Heritage List in the Cultural category at the 38th Term Meeting of the World Heritage Committee. Founded as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and shaped by külliyes(social complexes), the important commercial role of Bursa in history has been revealed by the big inns, markets and bazaars in the city. Located in Bursa, which is also known for its historical richness as well as its natural wealth, Uludag is one of the major ski resorts in Turkey. It is a highly productive region as well as agriculturally developed. Karacabay embodying Wildlife Rescue Center and Bear Shelter is 70 km to Bursa, 35 km to Manyas Kuş Cenneti Milli Parkı (Manyas Bird Paradise National Park), 40 km to Bandırma. Central Directorate will organize sightseeing trips to enable volunteers to discover the beauty of the region, and workshops in order young people to be closely acquainted with Turkey’s wildlife.

REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers should be very careful in their working environment and take maximum care for their safety. They should not forget that volunteers need to make their own health and accident insurance for any possible accidents and health conditions.


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19.07.2019 - 02.08.2019
Bursa, Türgi
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GSM 07
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