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Project Description: The Bield at Blackruthven is a centre for Christian spirituality, retreat and healing in the widest sense of the word. The focus is expressed in the name of Bield which is a Scottish word. It carries such meanings as refuge and shelter, or activities such as to nurture, to embolden and encourage.
Work: Help household team with food preparation and room cleaning. Help garden staff with soft fruit and vegetable harvesting. Help in grounds with general estate work grass cutting etc. Help adult with disabilities in Smallholding grow and harvest vegetables.

Requirements: Over 18 and be able to speak and understand English well enough to function in the working environment

Food: Food is provided during the working week but volunteers are expected to self-cater when The Bield is closed. Fresh produce from the garden is freely available through the gardener.

Accommodation: Detached bungalow on the estate grounds 2 bedrooms so sharing required if more than 2 volunteers Bedding & towels provided Kitchen and bathroom with shower and bath Lounge and garden Washing machine and drier

Pocket money: 30 GBP per week

Insurance: Volunteers from EU countries: European Health Insurance Card.

Visa: If successful IVS will issue a certificate of sponsorship for anyone living outside the EEA and who requires an entry visa. For more information
and costs log onto:

Others: Volunteers from abroad can also claim up to GBP100 towards the cost
of their airfare.

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