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Description: Foundation Proyecto Ecológico Chiriboga is a non- governmental and no profit organization, working without any political, religious or racial discrimination, legally constituted by Ministerial Agreement N° 47 of the Environment Ministry of Ecuador –South America The Foundation has managed for more of a decade teaching, social care and environmental projects. Its main objective are: the protection and conservation of the environment, the promotion of the development of the community whose activities are related with the environmental scope and local economy development. We organize Workcamps since 1998 in the Reserve of the Proyecto Ecológico Chiriboga, making reforestation and protection of its environment, we finished the reforestation, we are protecting the Reserve.

Type of Work: The activities organized for the Workcamp in the Proyecto Chiriboga will be; – To clean the pads with machetes – To clean trees – To milk the cows – To make cheese – Other tasks in the Reserve – Construction work – Planting in the garden and all the task needs at the moment in the reserve. Atacames in the Province of Esmeraldas is one of the villages who suffered earthquakes, one of our beloved families who receives our LTV volunteers are living in the street in a tent, due to the last earthquake, we will help them in the reconstruction in the Workcamp of July.

Study Theme: Foundation Proyecto Ecologico Chiriboga, organizes 2 Workcamps per year, 1 in July and 1 in September, with the same activities. This year we are going to make reforestation, clean pads and construction, these will be the main activities of the Workcamps. In the camp Basic Spanish is required to communicate with local people. As it is a Workcamp, you can communicate with other participants in English language

Accommodation: In the first part of the workcamp, accommodation and food in Quito and in Proyecto Chiriboga, is provided at the “houses” of the Foundation Proyecto Ecológico Chiriboga, sharing rooms and toilettes with other volunteers. During the second part of the placement, accommodation and food will be provided with middle class families of the town.

Requirements: What to bring Don’t spend lots of money on special safari type clothing, it is enough to bring clothes which you don’t mind to spoil or to get damaged, it is preferable to wear long pants, t-shirts with long sleeves while working to get protected from mosquitoes bites; light clothes are wonderful to dry.

Approximate Location: Location: Quito, Chiriboga and the village of Atacames

Notes: PLUGS IN ECUADOR Electricity is the same as in the United States, 120v. You will most likely not need a converter for your modern electronics; Ecuador’s outlets are like those in North America.: two flat, parallel prongs, a type If you are coming from another country, you will probably need an adapter which has the “A” type plug with a receptacle that fits the plug of your device. These are easy to find, light weigh, and inexpensive.

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10.09.2017 - 30.09.2017
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