Toys for Everybody (Türgi)

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PARTNER: The workcamp will be realised in cooperation with Tasoluk Municipality and Toys Library Association. We have been cooperating with Toyaeuros Library Association for many years on child rights, especially right to play as well as campaigning for collecting toys to be sent to vulnerable groups like Roma and refugee children. This year Tasoluk Municipality will be the host for campaigning project with Toys Library. For more information and

WORK: GSM and Toys Library Association have been running a campaign on collecting new and used toys from all around Turkey since the beginning of the year to be distributed in the rural and poor districts of Tasoluk. The aim of the campaign is to enable every child to have a toy and have a right to play. This year the host of the campaign is Tasoluk Municipality, where the toys will be gathered. The volunteers if necessary will clean and repair the toys, classify them due to age and pack the toys as presents with personal notes and stories. Beside the manual work, the volunteers will learn how to make wooden toys through the workshops conducted by an expert.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Hostel / cafeteria

LOCATION & LEISURE ACTIVITY: The city of Afyonkarahisar is located as a gateway between Aegean sea and the inner regions of Anatolia. The history of the city goes back to 4000BC. The top of the rock in Afyonkarahisar has been fortified for a long, long time. It was known to the Hittities as Hapanuwa and was later occupied but Phrygians, Lydian and Persians until it was conquered by Alexander the Great. It is a spa-center with thermal baths and it is famous for specific Turkish delighto. There are also some fairy chimneys and thermal foundations which attract many tourists every year, as well as the Mevlevihane (a lodge by Mevlevi dervishes), became a museum recently. The city is a member of aeurooeAssociation of Historic Towns in Turkeyaeuro.Tasoluk Town, where the workcamp will take place, was built between two mountains, which are extensions of Kumalar Mountain. This very small, typical mountain village is famous for its 12 days long wedding ceremonies. If you are lucky and have time, you may experience this unique celebration.

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04.08.2017 - 18.08.2017
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