Songkran Festival & Living Organic Garden (Tai)

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Background: Thai New Year season call “ Songkran” between 13-15 April. The collaboration with Klonghae Temple and Klonghae municipality and VSA continuing organized this workcamp 5th time. To support the festival and celebrating Thai traditional new year with international volunteers. On April is summer in Thailand which is hottest season, so there will be water splash in the city where everyone will come to splash the water. On the other hand, traditional Thai new year which is pay respect to senior relative. There will be hand watery for blessing. Moreover there are many activities with Thai traditional activities which volunteer will have chance to set up all activities in the temple.

Working: First week-There are boots for senior bless watery in the temple. Volunteers will help the villagers set up the festival, and be a part of the festival as international volunteers. You can bring a performance from your own country to perform during the festival including a music instrument to show in the festival. Volunteers are also expected to create a performance in the festival with the villagers. Second week the volunteer would stay at Living Organic Garden, working in small farm, planting and learning about vegetable, fruits, learning Thai cooking and sharing international food. Location Klong Hae Temple, Hat Yai, Hat Yai is the biggest city in the Southern Thailand

Accommodation and food: First week; Volunteers will stay in the temple with no mattress, only a tin mat is provided. Second week, stay at the Thai style house. Mattress and pillow are provided. Volunteers take turns to cook Thai food, and you should bring some ingredients from your own country to share with other international volunteers to create intercultural exchange.

Terminal: Hatyai International Airport , Hatyai Train Station, Hatyai Bus Station.

Leisure Activities: Songkhla Beach, Tone Nga Chang Water fall, local Temple, Hatyai downtown, Floating market

Extra Fee: 9,500 Baht/participant

Special Remarks: Cultural respect, open-minded and love for learning and sharing. No smoking and drinking on the project site.

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09.04.2018 - 21.04.2018
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