Silius together (Sardiinia)

During the project the volunteers and the young people of Silius will organize together the annual event “Village games” which see the 3 districts competition in 3 days of games, challenges and lot of fun.

BACKGROUND: Our non-profit organization is a point of reference for young people in our area. We are all between 15 and 27 and our goal is to promote youth work in a rural area where young adults are often unheard. In the last months, we not only organized different workshops where our members strengthened cooperation, team building and social skills, but also acquired the tools to organize these events themselves. Our organization is just starting out in the field of international exchange and international programmes but we have a consolidated experience in events planning, youth engagement in workshops, laboratories, art and manufactory works, activities for children and elderly. During summer holiday we organized few Festival with different topics, for example sport, social involvement and competition, all of them had the main purpose to involve young people in the organization of the activities and events. Our organization can principally count on volunteering resources; in detail our staff group is composed by four elected members and two technical members and we are now sustained by four volunteers in the management of our office. They are involved in the Eurodesk project for international mobility and support for young people. Territory promotion and youth mobilization are other targets we aspire to achieve. Ultimately, we are young people working for and with young people.

WORK: During the camp the volunteers and the young people of Silius will organize together the annual event “Village games” which see the 3 districts competition in 3 days of games, challenges and lot of fun. In the event are involved kids, teens and adults. The main things to do are: organize decoration, items and tools for the activities, prepare the point table and study the roles with the aim to be a great referee during the competition. Beyond the activities strictly connected with the camp the volunteers will be involved in lots of moments dedicated in traditional and cultural discovery, exploration of the typical Sardinian places, beaches and amazing naturalistic corners. There will be many moments dedicated to entertainment and fun. DRAFT TIMETABLE: 30/07/18 – Meeting with all volunteers at 7:30PM in Cagliari and transfer to the Camp; 31/07/18 – Beginning of activities, lunch and touristic tour in the streets and typical places of Silius; 1/08/18 – Entire day in an amazing South Sardinian beach; 2/08/18 – Organizing challenges and games, lunch, activities and dinner with local people; 3/08/18 – Organizing challenges and games, lunch and 1st day of the “Village games”; 4/08/18 Organizing challenges and games, lunch and 2nd day of the “Village games”; 5/08/18 Organizing challenges and activities, lunch and 3rd day of the “Village games”; 6/08/18 – Cleaning and tidying the area, lunch and tour in Cagliari; 7/08/18 – Greetings and departing of the volunteers.

ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will live in a house with big rooms, kitchen and shower.

TERMINAL: Cagliari Airport

SPECIAL REMARKS: YAP project motivation form is required. Basic Italian skills are recommended.

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30.07.2018 - 07.08.2018
Sardiinia, Itaalia
18 - 30
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks. Majutus ja toitlustus on kaetud.