Rural Sicily 3.0 – Winter Edition

This project is meant to discover the traditional work in the countryside.

PROJECT: Giosef is a youth association engaged in intercultural initiatives to bring youngsters from the world together. This project is meant to discover the traditional work in the

LOCATION: This workcamp will take place in Collesano (Sicilian: Culisanu) wich is a small town in the Province of Palermo, Sicily. It is situated roughly 70 kilometres (43 miles) from the provincial capital of Palermo. It lies on the Madonie’s Park between the hills and the Tirrenian see and is also famous to be crossed by the Targa Florio Circuit since the beginning (1906).

WORK: Our camp provides a return to ancient Sicilian traditions and ancient crafts in Sicily, the work in the fields, the contact with animals, the work in groups. The activities will be carried out from Monday to Friday as it was in the rural life in Sicily many years ago, where time was marked by the sunlight that dictated the daily rhythm. Precisly the work will consist : to prepare the ground and trees olives for the collection; harvesting olives; go to the oil mill to grind the olives and follow the process of olive oil; construction fences; rural art of cooking, The workload will not exceed 7 hours a day, split between morning and afternoon

ACCOMMODATION: The volunteers will sleep in a stone country house, with heating, bathroom with shower and hot water. They will have beds, mattresses or inflatable mattresses for them to carry only the sleeping bag or the sheets and blankets.

FOOD: During the camp meals consist of typical Sicilian products, from meat to local seasonal vegetables, all produced at Km 0 by the farmers who guest us during the whole project. Lunches and dinners will be prepared by all of us, moreover the young volunteers will have the opportunity to take part in culinary workshops by Sicilian peasants with whom discover the art of Sicilian cuisine in countryside.

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07.11.2017 - 21.11.2017
Sitsiilia, Itaalia
18 - 40
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks. Korraldaja küsib 15€ osalustasu.