Reno Splash Festival (Italy)

The festival is organized in an big park in the town of Marzabotto (Bo) and lasts 3 days.

PROJECT: Montagna di Suono is a cultural association founded in 2008 which promotes music and arts in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano area (the mountains between Florence and Bologna). We organize musical classes for kids and adults, concerts and the yearly antiracist Reno Splash festival, now in its 6° edition. The festival is organized in an big park in the town of Marzabotto (Bo) and lasts 3 days. In the morning there are lively discussions in Debate tents, in the afternoon sports tournaments and activities and in the evening/night a range of live concerts and DJ sets. The main genre is Reggae but various other kind of music are played in the festival (ska, hip hop, indie, latin, dub). A temporary Camping is set up and available for visitors who want to stay for the whole weekend. Volunteers will support the festival staff with the organisation, setting-up, management and dismantlement area as well as promotion of the event in nearby comunities.

WORK: The main work during the camp will be the preparation of the Reno Splash festival. It will involve
– The mounting of the festival structures (the stage, entrance, stands and 1 or more moroccan tents that constitutes the bar and the dj set venue).
– Promotion of the festival via flyers/posters, distributed in the centre of Bologna and in nearby comunities.
– The painting of signs / posters, many other manual and creative activities. During the 3 days of the festival, volunteers will have the opportunity to be bartenders, sound engeneer assistents, camping rangers, and many more roles. If you love the contact with people and to work with your hands this is your camp! Photographers, graphic designers, videomakers, painters, but also eletricians, wood workers, cooks, bartenders and creative and workative people are welcome. As you work in a festival be prepared to work during the morning or the night. Of course we respect your turns and timetables.

ACCOMODATION: Volunteers will sleep in the camping area of the festival. It would be great if you bring your tent but we can supply it if you can’t bring yours. There is a juvenile center (100 meters from the festival area and the train station) where you can find: additional bathroom, 1 fridge, an eletric cooker, potable water and wi-fi connection. There will be bathroom, shower and cooker also in the festival area (vegetarian menu will be available).

LOCATION: Marzabotto is a little town in the Appennino mountains near Bologna (30km) and Florence (80km). It is located in the valley of the Reno river and it is full of green hills. It is famous for its resistance in WWII and was the site of a massacre of 770 inhabitants by the Nazi Army. During your free time you could just chill out and visit some of the beautiful historical national parks. The weather will be warm but it can rain sometimes so don’t forget to bring some warm clothes.

TERMINAL: Areoporto G. Marconi di Bologna BLQ
Stazione FF.SS di Marzabotto (linea Bologna-Porretta)

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10.06.2018 - 20.06.2018
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95€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks. Majutus ja toitlustus on kaetud.