Projekt “A Dog’s Tale” loomadevarjupaigas Türgis

Grupp rahvusvahelisi vabatahtlike saab kokku Türgis, et aidata ehitada koduta loomadele toredat pesa ja varjupaika!

We are organizing this workcamp in cooperation with Afyon Taşoluk Municipality, and this year will be the fifth year of our cooperation. For more information about our partner, please visit:


Volunteers will build shelters for street animals in the determined areas by Afyon Taşoluk Municipality in this workcamp. They will help to woodwork of log cabins, and take part in the joining, painting and installation of these cabins. They will also assist in landscaping in areas designated for animal shelters.


Volunteers will be accommodated in the fully equipped guesthouses of the municipality. They will have breakfast and dinner in the dinner hall of the guesthouse and receive food packet for lunch. Meals will be prepared by the chef of the guesthouse.


Taşoluk Town located in Central Anatolia Region, is one of the biggest and most developed towns of Afyon city. There are a lot of cherry and rosehip fields in the area, and these fruits are the main means of living of the town. You will also have the opportunity to taste the natural products made of cherry and rosehip such as fruit stew, jam, and tea. Besides, you will have the chance to visit Afyon Province which is famous for its hot springs. Afyon Karahisar City is famour for its thermal and hot springs. It is close to the area known as Lakes District and Pamukkale Travertines. In their free times, volunteers will visit Afyon Karahisar, museums, cultural and natural beauties of Afyon Karahisar.

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19.07.2019 - 02.08.2019
Taşoluk, Türgi
18 - 30
Projekti kood:
GSM 08
95€ osalustasu + 25€ liikmemaks