Noortevahetuse “Youth, Media, Turst” APV Moldvas

Otsime septembris toimuvale noortevahetusele liidrit! Ettevalmistav kohtumine ehk APV toimub juulis!

The aim of this project is to make young people aware of different kinds of media manipulation. When young people become aware of media manipulation the changes that they recognize the
manipulation will be bigger. In this way we hope to minimize the manipulation among young people.

As this is a complex process which includes other skills, the learning outcomes will also involve the capacity to reflect on concepts such as: analytical skills, argumentation skill, making decisions,
double checking information, critical thinking and also attitude to the other perspectives and tolerance.

Because the participants of the project activities be will coming from different European countries the participants will also get the chance to develop their skills in intercultural communication, get to know other cultures, habits and lifestyles. By developing all this skills, participants will become more selfconfident in their daily activities.

Dates of youth exchange: 22.-30. september

APV: 6-9. july
Arrival Time: friday 6 th July, 2018, Chisinau, Moldova.
Departure Time: Monday 9 th July, 2018 Chisinau, Moldova

Visa: None of the participants need visa to enter Moldova. Participants will need to have only valid international passports.
! Please, check the validity of the passports before the departure – they need to be valid at least for six months.

Venue: Participants will be hosted in a hostel in Chisinau. We will communicate the exact location and how to get there in the coming weeks.

Meeting room: The meeting will be held in ADVIT office (str. Academician Ion Grosul 2, Office 2, Chisinau, Moldova).  On 7th of Juli (Saturday) at 9:30 we will meet at entrance of the Hostel and together will go to ADVIT office. Please be in time.

Food: We will be having breakfasts in the Hostel, lunches in the seminar room and dinner outside in the local café/restaurants of Chisinau.
As we expect a rather diverse group, we will make sure both vegetarians and those who prefer meat to something else have what they like.

Kandideerimiseks, kirjuta meile vabas vormis, miks sa soovid olla noortevahetuse liider ja saada see

Majutus ja toitlustus on kaetud Erasmus+ programmi poolt. Reisirahadest tagastatakse kuni 275€.

Kandideerimise tähtaeg:
06.07.2018 - 09.07.2018
Chisinau, Moldova